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22-03-2015, 12:16
I have a question about the battlescrolls.
I read a review of End Times Archaon( http://imperatorguides.blogspot.nl/2015/03/end-times-archaon-rules-review-part-i.html ) and part 2 ( http://imperatorguides.blogspot.nl/2015/03/end-times-archaon-rules-review-part-ii.html#comment-form )
In part 2 in the beast waagh review he mentions : '' The thing to keep in mind is that as the formation does list both Ogre Kingdoms and Orcs and Goblins as its' Races, this means you can still do the full unrestricted mixture of the two armies; you just have to include the Beast-Waaagh! formation as a rough 1600 point "tax" (that will probably end up being 2000 by the time the units are bumped up to acceptable levels). For that reason alone and because this army can be so crazy with a mixture of Rock Lobbas, Doom Divers and Ironblasters supporting it at the standard 2500 point level, I do rate it less because of what it actually brings to the table and more for the fact that it acts as a stepping stone to something better.''

Is this correct? so if you take the beast waagh you can include units from both the orcs and ogres books not in the scroll? and the host of light empire and elves?

22-03-2015, 18:43
That seems to be the case yes. Formation with two races are considered being part of both army, so you can add anything from both books to support the formation. Just remember that anything you add don't get any bonuses that the formation get though.