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23-03-2015, 16:46
I played my first battle as Wood Elves recently (1000 points), and wondered if anyone had any suggestions. It was a three way battle between WE, VC, and Dwarfs. I did very well actually, decimating my friend's skeles with magic and 15 Glade Guard, but he killed my 10 Wildwood rangers with Gaze of Nagash, and the dwarfs sent my Tree Kin packing. I eventually started sacrificing units to the Vampires, just because I didn't want my brother's Dwarfs to win again. I couldn't touch the Dwarfs with magic, as they were out of range and not advancing.

It was a very light hearted and fun game, with a TIE between the Dwarfs and Vampire Counts, somehow. My Dark Magic Level 3 was very good, as were the Glade Guard with poison, and though the Waywatchers I brought weren't very useful, they helped take out a gyrocopter and were alive at the end. The Tree Kin failed miserably, as did the Wildwood rangers with their low armor and higher cost.

I haven't tried much else in the army yet, but I would love any advice you all have on army selection in general, like which combos of characters work well and which units are a must have. Hope you can help, thanks!

23-03-2015, 20:54
A few tips from my experience:

1) Wild Riders, despite being lightly armoured, are one of the best cav units in the game right now. I use one big unit of 10, but other people swear by 1-2 units of 5 each. They hit like an absolute freight train, just be careful not to send them into the front of a ranked-up unit.

2) A Waystalker or two can be really helpful. You can use them to pick of unit champions, which can be a big help if you plan to send a forest dragon into combat, stops it being challenged out of use.

3) Poison arrows are your equivalent to a war machine. Use them to take out tough targets, while true flight arrows are good for thinning out big units before you engage. I use 1x20 with poison arrows, and 2x10 with true flight, then scouts with whichever.

4) Eternal Guard are surprisingly useful. They're the only unit other than Treemen who are stubborn in woods, and if you have life on your Lv4 (or a low lever beast singer) nearby, they can be pretty durable.

5) Warhawk riders are not the toughest, but they can alpha strike well. Don't forget the stomp attack!

Hope this helps.

Brother Haephestus
23-03-2015, 21:10
As a Dwarfs player, it was quite disheartening to see my opponent's WE poisoned arrows completely eliminate two war machines on the first turn of the game ...

02-04-2015, 00:17
At 1000 points I like to run
Spell singer, level 2
10 glade guard, trueflight arrows
20 dryads
5 wardancers
6 wild riders, full command
3 warhawk riders
5 waywatchers

I have yet to lose in that points bracket against some pretty gnarly lists ranging from Dwarfs, Daemons, WOC, Wood elves, High elves and lizardmen. It pretty much covers the bases that you need.