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27-03-2015, 07:42
Hello all,

I have an upcoming tournament that I am preparing for and was wondering if I could get some advice or tips on how to improve. I am bound by a few restrictions, one being that I can only use painted figures. I have an additional 10 grave guard, a second varghulf, 10 dire wolves, 40 more skeletons, and a mortis engine painted that I can use to alter the list. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Lords (1049pts)

Vampire Lord (608pts) [Additional Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Lore of Death, Red Fury, Shield, Wizard Level 1, zombie dragon, sword of anti heroes, armor of destiny

Vampire Lord (441pts) Heavy Armour, Lore of the Vampires, Red Fury, The General of Undeath, Wizard Level 4
····Magic Items Armour of Fortune - Sword of Swift Slaying

Heroes (110pts)

Necromancer Lore of vampires, Master of the Dead, Wizard Level 1

····Magic Items Dispel Scroll

Core (630pts)

42 Crypt Ghouls (430pts) [

20 Skeleton Warriors (100pts)

20 Skeleton Warriors (100pts)


Varghluf (175pts)

Grave Guard (430pts)

····30x Grave Guard, Great Weapon
····champion, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Barrows


The French Guy
27-03-2015, 14:40
Nice to see a Z-dragon preparing for a tournament, I wish you all the best.

Regarding your Lords loadouts, I would drop the AHW off the dragon rider as you already have a shield and a magic weapon.
I think you would be better served by the +1 to hit sword but that's up to perso taste. How about keeping Vamp lore on him to heal himself?

I would try to grab a 4++ on your general instead of a 5++.
Level 2 on the Master of the Dead Necro would be perfect.

I would cut 2 Ghouls to save 20pts, and merge both Skeletons units, then add their command with the Screaming banner.
Otherwise looks pretty good to me.
Hope it helps!