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The Purple Ninja
01-07-2006, 03:30
I just ordered two imperial sectors myself, and figured I would try and spend as much of the dead time waiting for their arrival planning my city out as I could so as to have most of that out of the way before the boxes arrived.

Using pictures of the sprues and WD 317's new release section for numbers, I compiled this inventory of all the pieces one Imperial Sector contains [see attachment].

This took me an hour or two, cutting up and cleaning all the images, so i'm posting it here to justify my time and share this resource. I was also inspired by coelomate's box review (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39299).

Here is a light overview as well, though the real beef is the attachment:

30 Solid floor tiles
20 Broken floor tiles
28 Generic Balcony/Spikey Roof pieces
6 Broken Balcony/Spikey Roof pieces
10 Eagle Flagtops
10 Eagle Figureheads
10 Hanging Bulb Lamps
5 Street Lamps
3 Sanctum Lamps
5 Ladders
17 Steel bars
2 Broken Steel Bars
24 Basilica tiles
8 Broken Basilica tiles
16 Flying Butresses
15 Santum tiles
6 Broken Sanctum tiles
12 Eagle Butresses
10 Manufactorum tiles
4 Broken Manufactorm tiles
6 Manufactorm roof pieces
4 Broken Manufactorum roof pieces
8 Pipe pieces

and enough extra sprues to easily grind (http://us.games-workshop.com/games/40k/CoD/terrain/rubble/default.htm) into enough rubble to finish every building nicely or make individual rubble piles.

All in all that's ~50 solid wall tiles and 16 broken wall tiles, giving you about ~20 square feet of building walls.

The Purple Ninja
01-07-2006, 21:05
Shortly after creating this inventory, and having all these extra pics laying around, I came upon a phenominal discovery.

Rather than crudely drawing out plans for buildings, you can use these pictures of the pieces to give yourself a virtual model of what your buildings will look like.

I use Microsoft Visio, but I highly doubt everyone [or hardly anyone for that matter] has it. However, you can use the "Draw" program from the free Open Office (http://www.openoffice.org/) suite to do the same thing.

Using the pictures in this next attachment, you can move the tiles around and essentially create mock buildings digitally, laying the pieces out much like in coelomate's box review, only on your pc screen.

This truly is useful, and ought to be a benifit to any others itching to get their hands into Cities of Death.

01-07-2006, 22:50
Awesome! I definitely approve ;)

The Purple Ninja
03-07-2006, 20:19
Anyone else able to get any use out of these?

03-07-2006, 20:24
I found out that the link you posted with the guy's idea you like so much had the same exact table as me.

03-07-2006, 21:16
That's great! Thanks!

03-07-2006, 21:23
n00blord - seriously? Where'd you get my table ;)?

03-07-2006, 22:56
I like used a carbon copy special ability that came with me (Don't know how)... I don't know but I have that exact same table in my dining room, its like WTF moment. Odd isn't it when some one on the internet says "I have the same table as you"

The Purple Ninja
05-07-2006, 05:39
You both have the same table? That's amazing!

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The Purple Ninja
11-07-2006, 19:45
Well, I finished designing the buildings I could get out of two Imperial Sectors, and here's the picture version.

The first building I designed was to be the largest, a central structure that adds focus and awe to the appearance of the city. I decided a sector Cathedral would be the best choice, and went about designing it.

Note: The numbers below pieces do not coralate with the design, they were merely an ongoing inventory so that I could see what piece's i'd used and gauge what was left.

http://f10.putfile.com/7/19114312446-thumb.jpg (http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=7/19114312446.jpg&s=f10)
Here is the Front and Left side of the Cathedral. The base contains many rows of Basilica windows,to imply many rows of praying/listening citizens. At the top is a tower, made from Sanctum tiles to imply heroic actions and deeds recorded. The structure will stand 12"x9"x4.5".

http://f10.putfile.com/7/19114320383-thumb.jpg (http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=7/19114320383.jpg&s=f10)
Here is the back, and the right side, or rather what's left of it purely for consistency's sake.

http://f10.putfile.com/7/19114325131-thumb.jpg (http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=7/19114325131.jpg&s=f10)
And finally here are the floor tiles used. This building will be able to accomodate many miniatures and is ideal for a fire base, sniper post, or just a good place to have a last stand or two fending off assaults.