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04-04-2015, 01:12
Hi guys,

Well I've been working on a list for a 2400pt tournament and I've come up with a hybrid of a Light Magic list and a Dark Magic Terror bomb list, hoping to take the best from both.

Lord Choices

Sorceress LVL 4 - Lord of Light
Lvl 4
Ring of Hotek

Total = 270pts

Hero Choices

Hag with a Cauldron of Blood
- Cauldron of Blood
- Cry of War

Total = 290pts

Battlestandard on a Dark Pegasus
-Dark Pegasus
- Battlestandard
- Full Armor (SDC, Heavy Armor, Shield)
- Lance
- Cloak of Twilight

Total = 211pts

Sorceress LVL 2 - Lore of Dark Magic
- Dark Steed
- LVL 2
- Tome of Furion
- Mask of Eek (Terror)

Total= 175pts


5 Dark Riders with Shields, Rxb
- Standard
- Musician

Total = 130pts

5 Dark Riders with Shields, Rxb
- Standard
- Musician

Total = 130pts

28 Witch Elves
Full Command
Banner of Eternal Flame

Total = 348


5 Cold One Knights
Full Command
Gleaming Pendant

Total = 1859ts

29 Executioners
Full Command
Wailing Standard (Terror)

Total = 4289ts


9 Doomfire Warlocks

Total = 225

Grand Total = 2392

Strategy: A combination of the Terror bomb list with a Light Magic. The idea is I have a bunch of units causing Terror or Fear (Executioners, Witch Elf Cauldron, Sorceress on a Dark Steed, Cold One Knights) while I have the Light Mage to help move up the Cauldron and Executioners (Time Warp), protecting them from Shooting (Pa), or spamming missiles with Gaze and Banishment. Meanwhile I have my Sorceress with Dark Magic in the unit of Warlocks, able to cast Power of Darkness to boost their strength up by 1+ (giving them 13 Str 5 Poison Attacks) and get off Shroud of Despair.

Ideally against Empire, Skaven, Orcs, Dwarves, Warriors of Chaos (Non khorne and non slannesh) and Wood Elves I have plenty of ways to limit the damage from enemy shooting as well as shut it down with Fast Cavalry and my Pegasus BSB, not to mention these armies (especially Empire and Skaven) melt under a properly deployed terror bomb.

Against Undead and Daemons, my light magic missiles receive a major bonus and my army has enough fear causing units that psychology won't be as bad of a problem as it normally would be.

Ogres are always a bit of a problem, but at least I can force them to take fear tests (Cauldron, Executioners, and Sorceress) while also deriving some benefit from shutting down their leadership. Also Warriors Marked for Khorne and Slannesh would be a problem, however Khorne can then be "pulled" thanks to frenzy and at least I've never seen any Warriors of Slannesh for some time.

My worries is that the Witch Elf and Executioner units are too small and I should consider dumping the BSB on the Pegasus to beef them up (roll the BSB into the Hag) alternatively if I lack combat units, I could make one unit of 12 Dark Riders allowing the sorceress to switch between them and the Warlocks.

Anyways that's my logic, what do you guys think of the conept?

12-04-2015, 12:32
I would be tempted to fit in 2 level 1 lore of light (if possible) to have a light council as well

tactical dark elf
09-05-2015, 15:26
You could drop the knights and take a hydra or kharibdyss, it packs the same punch, and they both cause terror.

22-05-2015, 04:09
Terror bomb Dark Elves needs:

1) Cauldron of Blood with Cry of war for -3 to fear checks.
2) Sorceress with Dark Magic with the Tomb of Furion to get the Shroud of Despair spell so that the spell starts stacking -1 leadership with your fear checks at -3.
3) At least one Kharibdyss that causes enemy units to re-roll fear checks.
4) Possibly a level 4 Sorceress on Death magic and hopefully get Doom and Darkness.

22-05-2015, 20:18
Sounds pretty good. Would watch out for artillery units like hell cannons and skullcannons that can hold their own in CC though.