View Full Version : The first red crusade!

Daemon king Mad Dog
01-07-2006, 13:06
Well, theres the black crusade, done by the BLACK legion, well, Mad Dog doesn't like the Black legion (nothing to do with the colour, just the undivided) and so made the RED legion (no prize for guessing which god they worship) and they come from the maelstrom, and so, they attack out of the mael strom :)

I'm settting up a website which will probably be http://theredcrusades.bravehost.com

theres only one thing i need inbertween now and friday (which is the first battle, a mega battle of 10,000 pts :)) - a map of the mael strom.

Lord General Laumnem
01-07-2006, 20:24
come on people, it's a narrative campaign which ne 1 here or ne where can play in via the forum :)