View Full Version : High elves 2500 pts

07-04-2015, 17:10
Looking for advice on rounding out this list or which magic lore I should use.

Archmage, lv4, hoeth, talisman of preservation.
Noble bsb
2x50 seaguard, shields and full comm
30 phoenix guard, full comm
4x bolthrowers

Got about 65 points to gear up my noble with at the moment.

07-04-2015, 19:25
That is a good defence list. One question, in which formation are you going to deploy the seaguard?
For the lore I would go shadow for toughness debuff. Only problem would be high armour in cc. One way to deal with that is a high strenght unit or the razor banner on the Phoenix guard (dropping FC on one of the seaguard).
For the BSB I suggest shield of the merwyrm and sword of +1 strenght(forgot the name sword of strenght I think), for protection and a little punch while keeping asf and the parry of SotM

12-04-2015, 13:49
Seaguard will probably go 10 wide for bow volleys on turn one and two.

I actually have the points for a razer banner and will pick one up, had a heap of trouble killing black knights recently even with 50 re-rolling spear attacks.