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12-04-2015, 13:48
Hey, i have some questions about Bretonnia Rules, since i am not sure about everything in the army book and some interactions with the 8th Edition.

1) Lance Formation

It says the Formation has to be 3 models wide. You remove your losses first out of the mid and then left and right. Does this mean a unit of 5 or 7 Knights can use Lance Formation? For example:




Does a Hero/Lord need to carry a Lance to be able to be put in a Lance Formation Unit, or can i give him a Magic sword and it doesnt matter?

2) BSB

Do i HAVE TO take a BSB? Army book says Yes on Pages 64-65. Rules Errata on GW Homepage says "Page 64-65 Army List Bretonnia, ignore these pages and use the Warhammer Rulebook for chosing your Army"

12-04-2015, 15:57
1. For the lance formation you fill out the edge models first, then the middle model.
An illegal lance formation would be one where the middle model is placed first or second.

A lance isn't required to be part of the lance formation (or to be allowed to attack on the edges when charging).

2. Yes, the bit on page 67 hasn't been removed.

12-04-2015, 16:31
Thanks for the answer!

So my two XXX Units i posted would be a legal formation?

And one more thing: Stonethrower/Catapults have Strength 3(9). Does the Trebuchet keep its 5(10)?

12-04-2015, 16:33
Yeah both are legal as there is no middle model in the back rank.

The Trebuchet stays at strength 5(10) because it follows the rules for stone throwers except where it says it works differently, one such difference is the higher strength of the hit.

12-04-2015, 18:53
Ty very much!