View Full Version : Coming to 40k from Fantasy: what should I know?

17-04-2015, 11:44
I played 40k 16 years ago, when it was a very different game. Since then I've been purely Fantasy. Now I'm coming home.

Much of the core game is the same as Fantasy, so I know how to play. But I sense it will take me a while to learn how to play, if that makes sense at all.

Of course, I'm reading and re-reading the book. But what rules, tactics, and strategies should I know or make an effort to know? What are the things I should look out for? I'm thinking little things that aren't necessarily written in the book, things you only learn through playing.

Spiney Norman
17-04-2015, 12:07
If you remember how unbalanced wfb was in the middle of the seventh edition "arms race" (just before daemons came out aNd nuked the whole thing) you'll have a reasonably good grip on where 40k is now, the game is dominated by a few super-powered list; necron decurion, Imperial Knight Adamantium Lance, Spacemarine Gravstar and Eldar Waveserpent spam (likely to change to something equally OP involving spammed Str D weapons and scatterlaser bikes in the next week) and GW seems to be in a phase of throwing out many, many codexes in rapid succession without any new additions to them, blood Angels, grey Knights, dark Eldar, necrons and Eldar have not had any new units in their codex redo's.

"Ally" codexes are also quite popular, these are mini-faction codexes like harlequins, Militarum Tempestus and Skitarii which are designed to be bolted on to one of the larger armies, but they don't really have the breadth of tools to really compete in the arms race which is currently consuming the game.

The current edition of 40k is all about combo building, taking elements from multiple codexes to unlock the power choices

Commissar Davis
17-04-2015, 13:07
The game is in a different place depending on what kind of groups you have in your area.

It is far less Rock, Paper, Scissors as there is roughly a counter list for anything, so build what you want and get good at playing it rather than worrying about what it hot 'right now'.
The game is also currently in a lot of flux with new factions and armies coming out at a rapid pace, so don't get hung up on net lists and all that jazz.

If you go for something more competitive, look for something campaign rather than tourney based to get the most out of the new style.

Just enjoy it, far to many people taking it all far to seriously.

Angry Scotsman
17-04-2015, 17:26
Hey there! I am new to 40k myself so hopefully I can help you in your transition. Ok so there are the humans, which are like the space marine dudes, imperial guard etc. But in that 'human' faction there are LOADS of different clans and stuff, blood angels, grey knights etc. Then you got the alien dudes, the eldar (who are like space elves), tau, which are space fishlike dudes, dark eldar. orks. Then you have like evil dudes who are a threat. Necrons are weird skeleton dudes who were all sleeping in great tombs and are starting to wake up and own stuff hard. The tyranids are like the aliens from starship troopers. They have apeared on the edge of the galaxy in unknown numbers.

Orks: Assaulty/ Hordy (lots of dudes)

Tyranids: Assaulty (Hordy again)

Eldar: Specialized Kiters. (this is the race i play, we stay out of range as we are feeble, lure people in then SMASH them in the face with special troops called aspects. We are the fastest army in the game)

Dark Eldar: like evil eldar, but they dont have the psychic prowess that eldar have

Tau: these guys have great shooting but lack in close combat

Necrons: Skeletor returns, with a 4+ invul, rerollable 1s and a whole host of 'cant kill me fool'. They dont hit very hard compared to say eldar.

Space marines: really diverse some are assaulty, others shooty. U can pick and choose with these guys

Imperial Guard: these bros are kinda hordy, they bring lots of troops and bury people in endless waves of bullets!

I would look what i wrote above and think what you would like to do. In my opinion Eldar, being the most advanced, fastest, psychic-ly superior, aspect packed are awsone. From a hobby point of view, eldar have like dudes who are good at fighting close up (banshees, scorpions), guys who are good at shooting tanks (fire dragons), special troops (dire avengers), and they all have different colour schemes. So yes the rest of your army you can paint hte same colour but the aspects give you something different and cool.

Hope this helps you man and I hope you choose eldar, loads of cool eldar people on this forum!