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dark angel
01-07-2006, 22:12

im looking for an army that is nice to paint with alot of conversion possibilities, alot of back ground and is not an easy army to use on the battle field(so i have to learn how to play with it)

so please vote and say why you voted

Shaper Shakra
01-07-2006, 22:16
Orks. More specifically, speed freeks. You need to update all of the vehicles and bikers (conversion), Orks have lots of background, and if you don't know what to do with the freeks you will lose.

01-07-2006, 22:21
Voted for Dark Eldar. Not alot of background, but what's out there, is brilliant (IMO). They're not easy to use, and you'll really want to convert at least some of the models... Plus, never really hurts to have a few more DE players out there...

The Purple Ninja
01-07-2006, 22:26
Eldar meet all the criteria you ask for.

On the down side, their current list can be abused in certain ways to make them easy, and they will be updated in 4 months with impossibly awesome new models.

If you can wait, Eldar is the way to go. Even if you can't wait, you're still fairly safe buying the models for Wave Searpents, Guardian Defenders, Vypers, and the two new models released at the end of this month for CoD [Rangers and Weapon Platforms, available for advanced order].

Buy a Seer council boxed set to use for cool looking generic Farseer [or as a council if you want to go Ulthwe] and that's plenty of army to tide you over until october when all the gobs of cool stuff comes along.

Though if you like your money to go the farthest, you might not want to buy a Codex that will be outdated in 4 months. If you can borrow one then it could still be a good idea.

Finally, for coolness sake and taking your units of currency as far as they can go, Tyranids are the best bet. They also fit all the criteria, and the Tyranid Battleforce, now at $90/₤50 due to july price adjustment, is the best deal GW has. It's like getting a free Carnifex for buying a good core of troops and elites.

Brush your teeth
01-07-2006, 22:33
yeah eldar seem to fit the description of what you want, possibly a little thin on background though

01-07-2006, 22:41
I would say Chaos Marines, the conversion possibilities are endless, the fact that they are really expensive makes them fairly difficult to play with as you won't have many and their background is really in depth.

Seth the Dark
01-07-2006, 22:53
My vote goes for Deathguard Chaos Marines. A lot of coversion possibilities (much more than Eldar) and very difficult to play since they are limited in their heavy weapon usage and are mainly an infantry based force.

01-07-2006, 23:44
guys...look at his sig
he already has nids, already has death guard, already has marines and already has guard
i voted necrons, they have impossible converting possibilities mainly because no one wants to convert them. being creative is where it gets fun. as with fluff, theyre the oldest dang race and have some odd/cool fluff. plus, people say theyre quite hard to play if you are actually serious about not being cheesy.
that said...i mostly did it because no one else did :)

02-07-2006, 00:04
How about an all warrior Tyranid army by filling as many slots with warriors as possible and filling troops up with rippers. I doubt any one uses such a thing.

02-07-2006, 00:30
I voted Witch Hunters. Theyr'e an army that takes some getting used to. you've got a #+ save, but you're still T3. potentially lethal shooting, bu you gotta use the faith right. as far as conversions go, your regular sister of battle doesn't offer much, but almost all of the other models are very good conversion material. one conversion I did was swapping St Celestine's silly looking cloak for a pair of feathered wings, overall a very nice model. Even more converison oppertunities lie with inquisitors and their retinues, as well as with all the crazy religious goodies, like penitent engines and priests. :chrome:

02-07-2006, 01:33
Witch Hunters. Faith points add strategy on their own as to how to use them and at what time. And there's conversion work aplenty since the modles don't necessarily come with enough preferred symbology and the like, or iconography. The Exorist is a wonderful model to work with this on.

02-07-2006, 01:38
Imperial Guard.
Which regiment is extremely difficult because the reason I would suggest IG is the total freedom you have with theming your army, pick a favourite regiment from history or from fiction and with the right tweaking you can field that army, pick an army of Techno barbarians with pistols and guns or a psychotic band of cyborgs.
Alternatively play Guard without any Doctrines and then add them slowly to your army as it's story progresses, A greenhorn regiment sent to assist with the evacuation of Medusa V might just emerge as urban combat veterans with excelent stealth and sniping skills. The same regiment might intead be assigned to fight in a Jungle war and emerge with a skill at fighing in that kind of environment.
More so than any other army, the IG allow you to design an army from the Neck down.

Smoking Frog
02-07-2006, 01:58
Da Orkses iz da best!

Full of conversion opportunities, fairly challenging to play. Very characterful. What's not to like!

02-07-2006, 02:17
voted Eldar but i am biased but according to what you wrote it fits the criteria

Big Proppa
02-07-2006, 04:01
Orkz Orkz Orkz
You will be amutilated...

or maybe Dark Panzee, maybe... since everybody on earth will have an Ork army by this time next year =)

Whatever you make Have Fun,

02-07-2006, 04:04
Why? Because I play deathguard and i'm l337 at life.

But seriously, they're a fun army to play, fun to paint and convert.

02-07-2006, 11:27
Ever heard of the Lost and the Damned? Conversion posibilities are endless, and they are not realy easy to play

Son of the Lion
02-07-2006, 11:51
Lost and the Damned or Orks, from your criteria. Both can be easy/cheap/flexible to collect/convert, depending on what you want out of them. Both pretty challenging to play, but capable of kicking ass. Plus the Boyz are just, well....the boyz. :)