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19-04-2015, 02:48
Me and my friend had a game yesterday. His list was nurgle heavy list with epidemius.
Depending on how much unsaved wounds the daemons of nurgle cause, epidemius grants substantial bonus to nurgle units.

Now, during the daemons' first turn, a beast of nurgle charges my reaver unit.
The reavers promptly flee, but rolled low and was caught, and destroyed by the beast.
My friend then opted to count these casualties towards epidemius' tally, but then I objected.

My logic was that althought the unit was destroyed, technically there were no 'wounds' caused as in shooting or close combat.
He simply agreed and carried on. But I kept reminding this issue even after the game ended.
Do fleeing units destroyed by pursuit cause unsaved wounds or not? If so, which part in the BRB supports it?

The bearded one
19-04-2015, 03:59
I suspect there's nothing in the BRB directly supporting or contradicting it. It's a very specific issue - one that really depends on what you consider to count as "causing wounds".

I'd say it doesn't count for the tally though. It's too different from the act of causing 'unsaved wounds', as the unit is simply removed from play, rather than the every model suffering a fatal number of wounds. When overrunning you simply remove the unit from play.

Imagine though if you caused an enemy unit to flee and it fled off the table, would you consider it to be causing wounds? After all the result is indentical (unit removed from play), and caused by the same thing (being broken by a nurgle unit). It seems unlikely anyone would agree with such an interpretation either.

On top of this, it doesn't seem in the spirit of the rules and fair play. Only 5 (I presume?) reavers makes the number (5 wounds) seem within reason. But what if the fleeing unit was a group of 20 corsairs? Add 20 to the tally and go right to the top?

19-04-2015, 06:38
Do fleeing units destroyed by pursuit cause unsaved wounds or not?

The short answer is that they do not.

Neither does fleeing off the table while being pursued or from Panic, or fleeing into impassable terrain.

If so, which part in the BRB supports it?

See above.

forseer of fates
19-04-2015, 13:27
We had to ban Epidemius, buffing the entire army is craziness.

20-04-2015, 17:53
No. Running down a unit doesn't cause wounds. The unit isn't specifically killed, just beaten, and scattered never to return, no different to if it fled off the table.

23-04-2015, 22:48
As Mr Trucker said. Ramius alluded to it but in order to do something in the game there has to be a rule for it. There is no rule to say that scattering a unit in this way results in unsaved wounds being caused. The unit is simply removed. You were correct.