View Full Version : Is this a challenge?

19-04-2015, 19:28
If a 2 lone characters are in combat is this or can this be a challenge?

I ask for Van Horstmanns Speculum and if you say had a wiz with it on a gryphon who goes charging other lone charcters.

19-04-2015, 19:30
It isn't automatically a challenge, but if either party issues a challenge it cannot be refused (nowhere to hide!)

19-04-2015, 20:58
what happens of the only eligible character to accept a challenge from a champ in a second unit of yours (say in his flank) is already in b2b with another unit of yours (say at the front) and there is nowhere for them to retire that isnt b2b with one of your models?

20-04-2015, 03:25
That is quite clearly laid out in the "Fighting a Challenge" section on page 102