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22-04-2015, 18:21
Well with all the gnashing of teeth and wailing of torn souls about the new Eldar Codex I was reading my Skitarii codex and smiled...

What a great time to be playing Imperium! There are a lot of decent counters in that book vs the Eldar armies (Ongars with skyfire turrets as a prime example) and the models are stylish with some great rules.

BUT in my mind the faction was adding support to my Scions army but it's amazing how quickly points get eaten up - and before you know it you're looking at a full on Skitarii army AND STILL leaving units behind!

10 Vangaurd with 3 plasmas, the device that reduces cover saves by 1, quickly takes you 30pts over a typical Marine Tactical Squad. The Ongars are amazing and I'd love 2 with Anti-air and 2 with strength 10, AP1, 48" range - but now that's almost 2 Land Raiders!

And yet I still haven't added in Rangers, close-combat, or even the actual Scions army that I was meant to support!

So how do you folks deal with these situations - and what mental tricks do you use to ensure you're getting the most out of the book without going overboard.

Because for me there are too many "Must Haves" and making that decision between what stays and goes is tough.


The bearded one
22-04-2015, 18:50
I made a 1000pts list, and in there I spent points on 2 expensive (but necessary) units; the plasma caliver vanguard unit and a squad of 2 onagers. After that, all the other units I wanted to take were pretty cheap. Four ironstriders, 20 rangers with a handful special weapons, those units are cheap.

22-04-2015, 22:41
I found my skitarii listbuilding much easier once I decided not to tool up any of the squad leaders (apart from putting an invulnerable save on my warlord), it really cut down on options to consider and saved a heck of a lot of points.

As for the triple plasma vanguard being more expensive than tactical squads, I'd argue they do a lot more damage than tactical squads :D. Still, apart from the warlord unit (triple plasma to make the most of preferred enemy) I've been going either 5 with 2 special weapons or 10 with 0 special weapons. Keeps the cost down too.
And, similarly, I'd argue those four onagers will do a lot more damage than two land raiders.

So, yeah. I suppose my technique is to set up a few limiting rules (no toyz on sarges, no specials on 10-man units etc.), even if you don't like my personal rules setting a few of your own might help you narrow down your listbuilding. You can always reconsider after a few games.

23-04-2015, 05:43
I've been having the exact same problem, I thought I was doing something horribly wrong.

Two Vanguard, one Ranger, a squad of RustStalkers and three Onagers and I'm already hitting close to 2k that's before adding any Sydonians (which I love), Ballisterii or Infiltrators. I haven't got round to costing a Maniple or Cohort yet but the Maniple must clock in at around 1000 points, putting the Cohort close to 3000.
It's scary because, at this army size I feel undergunned, I'm hoping the Doctrina Imperitives balance that out.

I think this is going to be one of those armies where it's really easy to have more than you need for any one game and will be able to throw entirely different compositions together between games.
It also makes Apoc sized games quite reachable for when GW give us plastic Warhounds.

My only real reservation is that Cult Mechanicus is going to be just as ... Odd with it's pricing, which will pretty much force decent AM armies (ie a good representation of each book) to be Apocalypse only.

23-04-2015, 07:47
Personally I am taking the approach that I fill my core army (militarum or tempestus) first then tailor some mech allies next. The skitarii are so points hungry that to approach it any other way is points prohibitive. As soon as onagers go from single to multiple units they really should be your primary rather than an ally.

23-04-2015, 08:42
I've realized that I can't build allies-detatchments, because I want variation in my lists, which means quite afew units = detatchments always end up as fully fledged armies of their own very quickly.

I remember I wanted some IG-allies (mainly a Deathstrike and some Bullgryns) for my Salamanders when AM got their new codex.
It didn't take many games nor weeks, Before my ~1000 pts worth of IG had grown into ~4000 pts, and I have never used them as allies after that. :p

23-04-2015, 08:56
I don't draw the line. As far as I'm concerned - they're a new army. Now they MIGHT see combat alongside an ally, but I doubt it....

23-04-2015, 14:52
Once I saw that you could give their basic troops 4 haywire guns (3 of which are rapid fire and sit at 24") I decided to put 40k down and take a break.

23-04-2015, 18:15
Once I saw that you could give their basic troops 4 haywire guns (3 of which are rapid fire and sit at 24") I decided to put 40k down and take a break.

T3, 4+ & FNP(6+) for 155 points bare minimum cost there's no great challenge to putting them down and - as people building armies are discovering - you can't really spam them and get much of anything else in the army.

23-04-2015, 23:52
The time I draw the line is when I fill out a force org and have all available options available. So obviously, for me, that line isn't drawn often... :)

So more than likely, 1 Battle Maniple + maybe parts for 2 more.

24-04-2015, 20:38
Surprisingly I have figured out a way to keep 40k very enjoyable, even with power creep. Keep reading for this one easy trick!

When you play against someone WAAC, or someone who is un-enjoyable to play against, remember them. Then never play them again.
It is that easy!

As for figuring out how to build my army with too many fun options? I just ask for a higher point game. 1850 has been fun lately!

25-04-2015, 01:26
I went with the $$ rule...

Bought 3 boxes of infantry and ran out of $$!

So using 10 Vanguard, 10 rangers, and undecided what to do with the remaining models

25-04-2015, 14:30
I can totally relate. I am new to the game and actually picked Skitarii as my first army. Sure there are limited choices but i am starting to feel like i need more of each unit. I have 7 boxes of Sicarians, i think one more to make a extra set of Infiltrators. And Ironstriders, pretty sure i could use a few more, and 2-3 more Onagers, and a few more Vanguard. I would like to have about 4k worth of points to play around with.

25-04-2015, 20:49
It's quite clear that there is a hidden "Doctrina" tax in the Skitarii points values. When putting a list together it's worth remembering that up to three turns of a game, the whole army will be hitting on 2+ (with a reroll bonus for BS 6 and BS 7).

There's also the Conquerer imperatives that make them more potent in assault. Skitarii can eat up points fast but there is a logical (and pragmatic) reason for that. In general what this army lacks in numbers, it makes up for in getting the most out of the weapons you buy. Contrast that with Astra Militarum who normally hit on 4+.