View Full Version : Fantasy players in Bangor/North wales?

24-04-2015, 03:05
Hello there, I moved to wales just about a year ago and well i can't find a soul that plays fantasy.

Does anybody here live in North wales or specifically the bangor area? and if so i would be keen to make some contacts.

All the best.

24-04-2015, 07:15
Every university has a warhammer club in my experience just go to their guild website and check. I saw some there, like Bangor University Wargames and Roleplay Society

Evil Hypnotist
24-04-2015, 08:38
I grew up close to there and the community wasn't great, that was 15 years back though to be fair

24-04-2015, 12:13
We tried the wargaming society Here and its mainly magic and roleplayers. Me and my flatmate went about 10 times but ended up playing eachother. So that became a bit boring

28-04-2015, 23:01
I have suggested we get a new geographic thread going with at least major countries/regions sticky threads. I think one of the mods showed an interest but it seemed to die a death

05-05-2015, 19:58
Apologies, replied to your PM now OP.

For reference, North West Wales is pretty dead in terms of the wargaming scene, but there's a few of us players about.

19-05-2015, 00:04
Hello there sorry for the Necro thread but we have found a good few members and it's part thanks to the forum.


This is our facebook page, If your from north wales and interested in Warhammer fantasy come join us.