View Full Version : CASTING MAGICAL VORTEX (while engaged in close combat)

27-04-2015, 21:13
Hi, just need help clarifying a rule please! My friends demon prince charged my high elf spearmen... After the succesful charge he wanted to cast "plague wind" a magical vortex. We both assumed he could, correct? After checking the rules on page 31 it states that "a magical vortex does not need a target". So, he could not cast a direct damage or magic missile at the spearmen but he could place a vortex? Either way, he failed the cast anyway! Thankyou for any feedback

27-04-2015, 22:02
Yup, you can cast a vortex in combat. You can also cast a vortex and choose to have it move "backwards" through your own unit. Vortices are weird.