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29-04-2015, 12:16
I've searched the forum for previous questions but to no avail - I also haven't played WHFB since around 2007/2008 when I played Bretonnia and The Empire. Come someone give me an idea if Eshin Skaven is actually decent in gameplay terms or do I need to also incorporate the Plague Monks and units for other clans (I am planning to start Skaven this month, no idea about them really).

What units should I invest in?
Lots of clanrats?
Night Runners/Gutter Runners?
Special Weapons or Stormvermin?

Thank you in advance folks.

29-04-2015, 13:58
Bonus points for taking 3 Assassins in one unit and calling it an Eshin Triad

Storm of Chaos as well as the 6th (or is it 5th) edition Skaven book featured an Eshin army list for inspiration

29-04-2015, 14:16
The core of any skaven army no matter the theme should be lots of slaves and clanrats.

For Eshin themes Gutter Runners are a great little unit, night runners and assassins not so much if you play in a competitive meta. Also, the Eshin Vermin Lord is arguably the best of the lot due to his ability to teleport around the place, which is synergistic with his equipment and also helps him get around without getting too many cannon balls to the face.

Gutter Runners excel at taking out war machines, scaring monsters with poison and harassing back lines. What they lack is anything that can really assist slaves to grind down combats, I'd recommend a Hellpit or Wheel. No there not Eshin units but you could still include one or two while keeping the theme more Eshin than the other clans.

29-04-2015, 14:27
Do people often mix units from two clans? I've got to admit the crazy Skryre weapons look awesome, I just don't want to end up harming the theme of the army by taking crazy warmachines and special weapons alongside gutter runners if that isn't the norm.

29-04-2015, 14:33
Clans buy stuff from other clans all the time. Anything to allow them to climb the ranks.

29-04-2015, 15:15
Not sure whether to pick up Island of Blood, sell the High Elves and expand with gutter runners/night runners and assassins or get the battalion instead (also includes 20 plague monks). I'm also concerned that the book will become redundant quickly after I buy it what with 9th on the horizon. Either way thank you for the help so far, I'd love to hear from others about starting a Skaven force too!

29-04-2015, 18:32
I would suggest waiting until 9th, before assembling anything at the very least, since if it is all switching to round bases you don't want to have to rebase everything you just finished basing. Plus, with the edition change what units are useful may change depending on how they change the rules in game.