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01-05-2015, 15:42
Hi folks,

I haven't posted much lately (or at all) but a long time reader. I recently got into Skaven (again... long story) but with what I've collected so far I have an extra unit of 20 Clanrats with spears. Tactically speaking with what I currently have, what is the best role for a unit of 20 Clanrats with spears? Also, their role specifically in my army?

I have:
Screaming Bell/ Grey Seer
The Island of Blood set Skaven (which is where the 20 spear-rats come from)
2 Doomwheels
50 Slaves
2 Warlock Engineers
Hell Pit Abomination
2 unassembled boxes of Clanrats

I haven't played Skaven since late 6th edition, are Clanrats with spears even viable on the battlefield anymore? Should I use one of the unassembled boxes to make 40 with HW / shield and 40 with Spears / shield? I was kind of planning on making 40 with HW with an 'additional' unit of 20 HW Clanrats.

Thanks in advance

01-05-2015, 16:17
what most people do is clip the tips off the spears and use them as slaves, Spears are god awful in this game, and the only thing 20 clanrats will achieve is acting as a small speed bump. But currently, clanrats are rarely seen, Skaven live and die by their slaves. If you want better help go here http://s6.zetaboards.com/The_UnderEmpire/site/ the skaven forum, where you can get better answers to your questions, and find tons of information on how to make use of the models you haven't assembled yet.

Just Tony
01-05-2015, 18:33
That's funny, I stick spearmen in every army that can run them.

01-05-2015, 21:05
Really? Have you tested their results vs the hand weapon and shield variety of the same units?

I've had notable success with some variets of sarus with spears, but they are rare in that being strength 4 they can get some real damage out of those extra attacks if the dice go my way. Skeletons with spears have never done anything, even in horde formation in giant units, and I've found that the ward save is more useful always.

forseer of fates
01-05-2015, 23:43
In 8th ed, h w and shield is superior to spears, there's no getting round that fact, as parry will continue to work until the last man/rat falls while spears stop working at a certain point.

Col. Tartleton
02-05-2015, 06:50
They should never have let the first two ranks fight.

02-05-2015, 12:30
Thanks for the responses. Nicreap, I am aware of the Under Empire Skaven forums but I figure I don't know if I want another forum to keep track of, :P however thanks for the tip. Maybe I will convert them to HW / shield guys when I have the chance. All things considered, for 20 Clanrats it sounds like the HW / shield option is best of course, giving the parry save. I think if I make them spear-guys I'll just run them somewhere to protect the flank of my GS bunker or something. I know placement is so crucial in Fantasy, so it always doesn't hurt to have that extra Clanrat unit to do 'something' with. Thumbs up, you guys!

02-05-2015, 21:48
They should never have let the first two ranks fight.

I actually like it this way.

I do think though that with the change, spears need to do something else.

forseer of fates
03-05-2015, 11:25
I don't convert mine I just mix them with the hand weapons and tell people they are armed with hand weapons :shifty:

04-05-2015, 14:18
Tactically speaking with what I currently have, what is the best role for a unit of 20 Clanrats with spears?

Same thing clanrats always do; get in the way.

Small units of 20 are often frowned upon by teh intenetz these days, but they'll still get the job done - assuming said job is to just keep something busy for a turn or two - or if they don't get the job done, then rats are cheap as chips, so who cares?
Main downside with the clanrats is that they ain't slaves, who do the same job but cheaper, while also getting some bonus 'splodey damage once swatted aside.

On the question of hand weapons or spears.... hand weapons win, but not by enough to really matter much - rats are rats, they ain't gonna turn into cats just cus' you gave 'em a different weapon.

07-05-2015, 08:25
I agree, Kayosiv. Also, foreseer of fates I might wind up doing that, if not for theJ's great advice of having them just 'get in the way for a turn or two'. Great ideas guys, thanks again.

10-05-2015, 16:14
I don't even have to tell people that my spear models are really just how, they just assume. On the off chance I really am using spears I just get a surprised look of pity from them

The French Guy
18-05-2015, 20:45
I use a bunker of 20 Clanrats (naked, no options) to hide my Screaming Bell behing the wall of Slaves.
I give them a WarpFire Thrower and call it a day.
Also useful to hide the BSB and the Warlocks engineers with special items.
Hope it helps!