View Full Version : anyone running unbound lists?

02-05-2015, 08:46
Hey so i was just wondering is anyone running any particulary cool themed unbound lists

Spiney Norman
02-05-2015, 09:14
I did see a number of players using the unbound rules around the time the edition came out, but not so much now, the detachment/formation concepts have grown to the point where the more competitive armies are battle-forged rather than unbound, which is nice because it means more people are sticking to the fluff when building their armies, even if that's not their motivation.

02-05-2015, 15:07
I have a black crusade theme unbound list.

It's Abaddon,
a squad of alpha legionnaires upgraded to carry CCWs with a combiflamer/melta bomb champion
a squad of plague marines with two plasma
a squad of emperors children with a sonic blaster, blast master and doom siren,
a squad of iron warriors (underconstruction) champion has a combi melta. unit will probably get a melta
three night lord mutilators
a squad of thousand sons rubrics & sorceror
a squad of word bearer possessed
a squad of world eater berserkers (chain axe, power axe champion, naturally!)
and a kharn the betrayer conversion

Currently I use the cult legions as cult units, but I might make some spare models so the units can be played as basic chaos space marine squads too instead.

I'll probably make a squad of black legion marines that have 9 models, 8 of which appear like they may have previously been from the other 8 legions...