View Full Version : Scratchbuild Knight from LONG ago

03-05-2015, 07:49
About 7 years ago I scratch built a Knight Titan. I guessed at the size, and as it turns out I was pretty close. I ended up arming it with a gatling style weapon, a powerfist, and a twin-linked autocannon under that powerfist.

Here are my questions: With the new Imperial Knights codex, the duel autocannon is an option for the carapace. Do you think anyone would call me out for having it arm-mounted? Also, this knight (along with an old Epicast knight I have) are mounted on flocked CD's instead of the "official" sized Knight base. Would this make much of a difference?

03-05-2015, 08:07
Do you play with powergamers, rules nazis or similar? In that case you might have a problem.

If you play with real human beings though: not so much. Why should there be an issue, especially if you explain the situation before the game?

As for the base: I would get an appropriate base and rebase that scratchbuild. But that is because I think it would look better, not because of possible rules issues. Apart from that: see above, I think it is perfectly fine as it is.

That said: pix plz! :D

Sir Didymus
03-05-2015, 23:42
You should burn the model and never speak of it again, lest random people on the internet might call you a cheat.

Although some people might be offended by your model. In response to that, I recommend forfeiting the game and getting on with your life.