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04-05-2015, 05:36
I have a 1000 pt game coming up, (end times army composition) put together most of my models(except a sorcerer), wondering if this has a chance of doing well at all?

or i can swap out the daemon prince for a sorcerer, and put a marks on the warriors?

Lords (360pts)

Daemon Prince (360pts)

Chaos armour, Daemon of Nurgle, Daemonic Flight
Daemon of Nurgle, Daemonic Attacks, Daemonic Flight, Daemonic Invulnerability, Fly, Hatred, Swiftstride, Terror, Thunderstomp, Unbreakable
Chaos Mutations & Powers
Scaled Skin, Soul Feeder
Scaly Skin (5+), Soul Feeder
Magic Items
BRB - Charmed Shield, BRB - Dragonbane Gem, BRB - Sword of Striking

Core (639pts)

Chaos Warriors (349pts)
18x Chaos Warrior
18x Halberds, 18x Shields
Standard Bearer
BRB - Scarecrow Banner

Chaos Warriors (290pts)
Musician, Standard Bearer
18x Chaos Warrior
18x Shields

plannign daemon prince to fly up and get back units while the warriors take on whatever comes at me

04-05-2015, 13:50
Depends what you have available.
The DP is very scary in such a small game but what if he just gets cannonballed.
A more balanced list would be to swap the DP for a lvl2 and a chimera and also swap one of the warrior units with 2 marauder horsemen and a chariot. Also give the warriors the gleaming pennant instead.
Take this with a grain of salt as I've never played such small games. I don't know what people would bring and wouldn't bring (eg flying heroes, cannons, warsphinxes *shudders*)
Other than a cannon I can't think of many things that would put your DP at risk, and by extend threaten your army.

05-05-2015, 09:11
um... every army must always contain at least 3 units, not counting characters - making this list illegal.

06-05-2015, 00:47
ok went out and bought a few models to top it up, hows this work?

planning to run the warriors in 2 lots of 5*3, as the place im going is pretty terrain heavy

Heroes (170pts)

Chaos Sorcerer (170pts) Lore of Shadow, Magic Items, Wizard Level 2

Chaos Mutations & Powers Chaos Familiar

Core (580pts)

Chaos Warhounds (30pts) 5x Chaos Warhound

Chaos Warhounds (30pts) 5x Chaos Warhound

Chaos Warriors (290pts) Musician, Standard Bearer

15x Chaos Warrior 15x Halberds, 15x Shields

Chaos Warriors (230pts) Musician, Standard Bearer

14x Chaos Warrior 14x Shields

Rare (249pts)

Skullcrushers of Khorne (249pts)

3x Skullcrusher 3x Ensorcelled weapons

Standard Bearer BRB - Gleaming Pennant