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08-05-2015, 23:05
Been getting into some WW1 history. Sort of influenced this fluffy theme-ish list for a casual game this weekend. Initialy thought about Pistoliers as Cossacks but ultimately went with a big block of outriders. Too bad mortars suck. My buddy is bringing his greenskins. I'm looking forward to throwing 52 dice at him with my Core handgunners supported by my outriders.

Captain of the Empire: Handgun
Master Engineer: Repeater pistol
Captain of the Empire: Hand weapon, Shield, BSB, Full plate, Barded warhorse, Luckstone

20 Handgunners, Marksman w/repeater handgun
2x 10 spearmen detatchments (Fix Bayonette)
9 Inner Circle knights: Muso, standard (w BSB)

Great Cannon
10 Outriders

Steam Tank
Volley Gun

09-05-2015, 23:34

First thing first, nice choice of an army style, and glad to see it is not the entire gunline idea, however I have a few options available for you that may be beneficial!

1. ME with Repeater Pistol...The pistol isnt really needed unless that VG goes BOOM, as his rule works only without him shooting sadly :/ So ditch the gun and more points saved!
2. I'd say the cheapo captain is...Ehhh, not really needed as the whole 'Hold the Line' is needed when combat happens, and well...Handgunners (I guess that's where he is going) don't need combat (BS 5 does work nice with guns though!) So you could consider a Wizard perhaps? Maybe fire if you're going for range! Deal out those fireballs!
3. Definitely consider investing in a tougher BSB, sure he has a 1+ AS, but he needs a ward save at this level, so even the Talisman of Endurance or the White Cloak of Ulric (A bargain I consider) is much better! Plenty of nastiness at 1,500 to make you heroes sweat.
4. Perhaps split the outriders into two formations of 5, split them up easier, more target saturation for your opponent and more choices to shoot at! And you can vanguard two flanks...Extra sweet against isolated warmachines/chaff.
5. Same for the handgunners, I do not know how effective a twenty man unit could be, but two ten man units could be handy!
6. Musicians...Everyone's best friend, consider this if you have points spare at the end.
7. Those spearmen seem a little...Small, maybe combo them into one large force into a more effective force? Or if you can, fit another 10 into that block, (Only extra 50 points with 5 point spearmen! Dirt cheap.)

But good luck and have fun! Show those Greenskins the might of SIGMAR!

forseer of fates
10-05-2015, 01:06
Most armies will chuckle at 52 dice then slaughter you in combat.

In Dark Trees
11-05-2015, 15:07
My MSU ambush-intensive Beastmen would have fun with this list. Like all static, passive lists this one is susceptible to being overwhelmed by swifter opponents.

Here are some more constructive suggestions:

Swordsmen or Halberdiers would produce more viable and effective detachments.
I'd definitely split up the Outriders into smaller formations. Right now, they are an expensive and fragile target. A single magic missile could evaporate them.
I think adding a Battle Wizard to this list would be a solid idea.

13-05-2015, 19:30
Thanks for the tips! I really could have used the wizard but was struggling to "stay in theme"...
In retrospect a bright wizard could have been justified, or death... Next time.
We had a blast though, played all afternoon over beers. I lost 2 out of 3 to a list favoring spider cav, and that awesome giant spider goblin model that made me lament ever getting rid of all my old forest goblins...