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03-07-2006, 02:29
Felt like sharing this little bit with everyone...

So me and my regular opponent, WhiteConsul on these boards, decide we need to swing by and pick up some paint for our armies. We look up rogue traders online from gw's searcher, and find 2 within considerable driving distance, according to my money/gas ratio. We go to the first one, which is closer than the GW we had been going to for years.

We get there, and it's a small time hobby/comics shop. That has fallen on hard times, apparently. This store had almost full stocks of all those unused, nameless paints that gw has (mostly super bright green, purples, pinks) but none of the metallics or base colors- except for one mithril silver WC bought. They had no box sets, whether because of stock or just didn't purchase them, and had blisters on the shelf older than me. These things still had the old price schemes, FFS! Some of the beastmen models were gold, for whatever reason. there were no blisters I could use/needed at the time, and no paint for me either, so we left. It was sad, kind of- 30% clearance discount on the old prices really rocked- $1.75 for a paint jar, new style.

Then, we take a trip out to the local mall to go to GW, figuring it was closer than the other RT nearby. We get there, and the entrance/movie theatre/wing of the mall that GW was in is demolished, clearing the way for a god damned Best Buy. Which, on an unrelated note, is happening at another mall nearby, destroying my favorite wing (sword shop, eb games, and such, all gone) After walking around the mall attempting to see if they moved, customer service says they're gone and not coming back.

We haven't tried the last RT yet, but if they are as inadequate as the first place (they house a battle bunker, high hopes!) that will basically be the nail in the coffin. I don't have the money for $7.00+ shipping on a tub of paint. i sure don't have it for a box set off online either.

Which means, to me, that if this last RT is bad and that, or god forbid has higher prices than GW (I've seen it, though rare.) the hobby will be gone from my area- and it will kill the game for me, and probably WC.

Sidenote- we used to have three RT's. The one was awesome. Battle bunker, 30% discount, plus it housed PC games and a LAN party/gaming center. Don't know what happened to it, but it's off GW's site list.

By the way, if anyone knows of any hidden stores in th Buffalo/Western New York area, drop me a line.

edity- fixing that last sentence...wireless keyboard likes skipping letters sometimes.

The Winslow
03-07-2006, 04:23
I see that GW has a shop in Walden Galleria , is that the one that has disappeared from the mall going through renovations?

03-07-2006, 09:16
One in the same. Sadly enough.

03-07-2006, 14:16
Sorry to hear it I'm surprised buffalo doesn't have anything

Rochester has a solid community Millenium is a solid store

In Syracuse the Marauders Inc club can probably point you to some stores

A google search with search terms buffalo wargaming produced the following links

Witch Hunter
04-07-2006, 05:31
My local GW went the way of the dodo as well. Just up and pulled a Dodgers on me. For more info, see the GW Opry Mills OOB rant. My condolences however.

05-07-2006, 10:08
Wow...the place in Rochester is right near my college roommate, if the street name is any indication. Odd.

Thought I'd never see him again...foiled...

Anyway, thanks for the links, I'm going to have to check them out next time I can afford to buy both 40k and gas. Read- almost never :)

12-07-2006, 16:32
Muskrat - got this email from the marauders folks I believe they are a good group of folks. I can't make it for a one day event but I'll be travelling to their GT.

On August 12th I will be running a warmup tournament at Games Workshop,
Syracuse, NY. This will be a one day event using a rules system very
similar to the Marauder GT - just much smaller. If you are interested in
participating please let me know so that I can make sure there is enough
room. Typically the store will host events of up to 20 players, but if we
know in advance we can probably accomodate more.

Marauders Mayhem
Warm-up WFB Tournament
Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament
August 12th, 2006
Games Workshop, Syracuse, NY

2250 points; 3 rounds
Starts at 11:00AM Sharp!

Points for game results, composition, painting, and sportsmanship
Make sure you bring an extra army list for the judges!!!

Registration: $10

For more information contact Mike (GW outrider):
(I pulled the guys phone number and email out of the post as I don't think he was planning on having me post it on the web. . .Gary)

12-07-2006, 17:15
My nearest gw is now a train ride away, only a 15min one, but still costly if you want to pop down and play a game often.

Used to play in my local independant with friendly peeps and a couple of nice gaming tables. But it closed down 3months ago due to the owner having personal problems and such (since his mother worked at the store, she died, etc... Plus getting hardly any profit and such) so yeah.

But a shopping centre opened up around 5months ago and GW could have easily made a store there with no problems whatsoever. In fact I think I even wrote a letter to inform them that it would have been a good oppertunity! Too bad they didnt even reply or take action upon an idea :/


12-07-2006, 17:25
My two local stores are minimum 30 minutes away. Luckily there are two. One is bustling right no, but its 40 minutes away. Nice drive to get a game, but you can find one at least twice a week, Thursday and Fridays. I can get one for sure at the other store on Tuesday, but that is a bad night of the week.

It seems in Austin, Texas there is quite a 40k community. I am worried that I will end up out of luck if I move somewhere else. I have so much invested that the next time my wife and I decide to pack up I will be making sure that I can get a game close by. LOL

12-07-2006, 17:41
When I took my last job I actually shopped gaming communities and factored that into my job decision. Depends on how many options you have on the table, but thinking about hobbies / social life was a factor in addition to salary etc

12-07-2006, 23:16
First thing I did when I found I was moving here... check to see if there was a store that carried GW... There was!

Now where I work, I can get to my local in less than 1 minute walking from my desk to their door... it is great! (Sorry to gloat...)

13-07-2006, 00:15
First thing I did when I found I was moving here... check to see if there was a store that carried GW... There was!

Heh, so did I. Then I found that it didn't hold tournies, and had a crappy selection.
Then a much better one opened and beat the first one into submission, in terms of gaming supplies.

Seriously, though, I'm surprised a lot of you guys don't have one. Whitehorse has a population of 20,000, on roughly the same latitude as Siberia, and, yet, supported 2 gaming stores until recently.

25-07-2006, 11:34
I believe Games Workshop carriers have cut back massively in the past few years. There used to be 4 carriers in my area (even a Hobbytown USA), but they all closed in the past year. Additionally last I checked there was not one RT store in all of North Carolina!

I just get all my friends and we hang out and play games in my basement, only problem is I end up with tons of armies being left at my house - heck, I acquired a Space Marine army on accident, I don't know how it got here, but its been here like 8 months, so sometimes someone will play it for variety. Currently I have a Chaos army, aforementioned SMs, an Eldar army, two Tau armies, and an Imperial Guard army on stay at my house, I guess most of it will end up leaving by the end of the summer as everyone heads back to college for fall semester, but it is still pretty wicked to see so many armies assembled in one place.