View Full Version : how to spend 4 rare choices in 10k?

03-07-2006, 11:16

I'm making "The Manly Dragon List", but 10000pts.

so i will have 5+ lords on dragons, and 2 FW dragons,

the FW dragons are 3 rare slots each.

i have ten, minus 6, total 4 choices.

so what should i take?

there's three things i would want to have, but i can't decide.

A) one more FW dragon and a shaggoth slaaneshi champ.
B) one more FW dragon and a Bloodthirster
C) A Bloodthirster and a shaggoth slaaneshi champ. and 2 shaggoths as her retinue (sorta)

i don't want spawns nor giants. they are neither flyers nor dragons/half dragons. no mammoths or hell cannons.

03-07-2006, 14:27
If you are making "The Manly Dragon List", why hesitate in adding another, and the Blood thirster can keep up with the Dragons due to his wings, so option B.

Deloth Vyrr
16-07-2006, 21:06
I would go with option B as well, option C is out of the question as it doesnt have a Dragon... geez and option A wont be as effective as option B because of the reason Cyrush stated, the bloodthirster has wings

17-07-2006, 18:03
B is the ideal option in my opinion because not only do you get a dragon you get the mother of all daemons aswell

17-07-2006, 18:11
<succumbs to the insanity>

Option B.:D