View Full Version : First shade and highlighting! tips welcome

06-06-2015, 01:15
hello fellow gamers. i have just finished my 2nd toon and finally got my feet wet for shading and highlighting. All tips welcome! Thanks a ton

06-06-2015, 03:38
Looks excellent really, and a great standard for an Ork boy by any estimation given how many of them you need :) .

Just out of the urge for constructive criticism I might suggest going a little more subtle on the metal (after you base and wash it, just drybrush super lightly or do edge highlights, or both, but go gentle especially if the metal is meant to be a bit rusty/old/etc.), and that maybe the wrapping on the barrel of the shoota could use a little more definition. Throwing another light-ish wash on it (black or brown/black mix) should do. But those are minor points, and overall, amazing job for your first attempt.

Washes are magic :) . IMO, if you're not an outstanding painter (and very few are, because ya know, and I certainly am not), then it's hard to rely too much on them. Orks a bit of an exception but for a lot of minis I always found just slathering them with a layer or two of Devlan Mud (or current equivalent) worked wonders -- but it does not work for green, sadly. (Also, red benefits more from black wash, oddly.)

(Oh and this is by the way the wrong forum, but I'm sure this'll get moved.)

06-06-2015, 03:47
wrong forum...

but, I'd hit the teeth with xv-88, then screaming skull, and the gums with some fleshy pink.

06-06-2015, 05:37
oops sorry for wrong forum, thanks on the advices! I was wondering if i should do the mouth with more layers and more colors. I did some silver highlights but i washed it after, so i need to do the metal again after the final wash i did