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07-06-2015, 11:56
Howdy, is there anywhere an official list or chart of what models are s'posed to have what sized bases now?

I've heard Fleshhounds are now 50mm? but I don't see that in my Daemonkin Codex.
What about Bloodcrushers?
Or Chaos Marines, Havocs, Raptors, Berzerkers... all would be 32mm?

Does GW sell packs of bases anymore?
I can't find any on their website...

Thanks, to anyone who can help.

Inquisitor Kallus
07-06-2015, 12:03

Painting and Modelling Tab-
Citadel Bases-

07-06-2015, 12:41
Cool, thanks.
Now just need to know which ones to buy. ;)

Lord Damocles
07-06-2015, 14:21
The rules for basing allow you to use whatever size bases you want (so long as they're reasonably sensible). The rules for each unit don't specify a particular size.

Flesh Hounds come with 50mm bases, Bloodcrushers with 60mm, Berzerkers 32mm, Raptors 25mm, Havoks 25mm, Chaos Marines 25mm.

07-06-2015, 20:23
Thanks for that info.
I know the SM equivalent of all those latter ones now come on 32mm bases, which makes me wonder if the Chaos versions are just waiting their turn.
I want to go ahead and base my new Daemonkin up to new/current standard. So I hope it will be alright to base with 32mm on all the basic chaos marine units?

08-06-2015, 10:48
The three Chaos Marines in Execution Force come with 32mm bases.

Really, it's not an issue the rules want to get involved with, so rebate if you like.