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Your Evil Twin
03-07-2006, 18:28

I recently decided to re-vamp my Khorne army with some new units and different tactics, I also thought how much I liked the idea of a realistic (to the background) 40k army and seeing as the ratio of power armoured marines to daemons, mutants and traitors is so one sided I felt that an army that was almost all daemons would be great fun to play!

So it was then I began to think of a way to field a 40k army of almost all daemons? This idea came to me while reading the Lost and the Dammed codex, the section on mutants describes them as being armed with a variety of crude spears and blunt blades and combined with the Khorne mutant upgrade “burly and goatheaded” (+s) I conjured an image of a kind of mini blood letter using mutant stats. Then I realised the perfect model….fantasy beast men! So the army would basically include… Khorne lutenant with berserker glaive, 8 possessed, 8 blood letters, 8 flesh hounds, 2 very demonic defilers for fire support and of course 60 beast men!!

So anyway…. now you know my general line of thought any comments, ideas and suggestions would be most welcome!

Something to spark your imagination!

Your Evil Twin

03-07-2006, 18:37
Yeah, I had the same thought once. I think they were keeping the fantacy beastmen in mind when they wrote the rules. They fit perfectly.

It is a nice and characterfull army, but do not expect to win many battles, at least not at first.

Oh. And you might want to think about having some big mutants. You can use fantacy minataurs to keep the theme going.

03-07-2006, 19:07
That would be a fun army to play against. I'm using the Beastmen for Possessed CSMs in my Death Guard.

Daemon king Mad Dog
03-07-2006, 19:13
one word (or laugh):
Muwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

ncie idea :) being a khorne player my self, I ahev played a bit with daemons and thought of doing a fully daemon army, led by greater daemon ETC. ETC.

03-07-2006, 19:15
Sounds good to me dude - I'd enjoy playing against a characterful army like that :).

We want pics when you start! :D


Your Evil Twin
03-07-2006, 19:36
Thanks guys

Grubnar.... good idea, whether i can fit thwm into 1500 pionts is another matter!

Forgotmytea....This should probably be in painting and terain but heres a few photos of my lutenant w.i.p from my old army (the 3rd pic is just to show the size of the berserka glaive!)




03-07-2006, 20:10
If you use beastmen try and get circle bases for them. But the idea rocks in my opinion.

03-07-2006, 20:19
Sounds good, be sure to equi the mutant boss with a powerfist though, its like having 30 wounds :D.

03-07-2006, 20:45
Nice idea, go for it!

Daemon king Mad Dog
03-07-2006, 21:49


The Keeper of Secrets
11-07-2006, 09:47
Good models gerrard