View Full Version : Did the Perrys sculpt the plastic IG command squads?

16-06-2015, 11:34
You're a knowledgable lot, so I've got a tricksy question about new stuff: Someone just claimed that the Perrys sculpted the plastic Cadian and Catachan command squads, but I'm not convinced. They certainly don't look like Perry sculpts to me?

thanks. :)

Lord Damocles
16-06-2015, 11:47
White Dwarf 353 (UK), pg.4 attributes both the Cadian and Catachan Command Squads to Alan Perry, Michael Perry, and Matt Holland.

16-06-2015, 11:48
Dang. What did they do to the models to make them look like this with the Perrys involved?

Thanks very much for the reply, and source, Lord Damocles.

16-06-2015, 14:11
I like the models. I play Cadian, and my only gripe is the shoulder pads for the special weapons. They came up with symbols for the type of weapon, but it's not found anywhere else in the army. At lease they can just be filed off. The Catachan models are awesome, and I was really hoping for them to re-do the rest of the line when that Catachan Command Squad came out. It'd make me buy Catachan just to have as my Veterans. Like in DoW 2.