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18-06-2015, 15:34
Hello everyone ,
I am new to the world of warhammer and I want to start playing this game , only that I find difficult to choose my army ideal . He's looking for an army that allows to deploy the lists by meele and lists from distance shots . When the army I like most in terms of aesthetics are the space wolves but I also like the miniatures of the marine space , the dark angels , Necrons , Eldar and imperial knight . Please can you help me telling me how are these armies at the tactical level ? so I can get me an idea and choose the army that is best suited to me . Thank you all

Spiney Norman
18-06-2015, 16:12
Space wolves are probably the most Melee-oriented army out of the ones you have mentioned, they share a lot of things with the space marine codex, although they also have some unique things of their own, most notably the Thunderwolf cavalry, a unit of space marines riding giant wolves that are one of the scariest combat units in the game. They're about in the middle in terms of how good the army is, not overpowering and not a push over, a great choice for a first army.

Eldar are the strongest army in the game by a long way and they have some good close combat options too, banshees, scorpions and wraith blades are all excellent close combat units. They are incredibly forgiving if you are new to the game and have the shallowest learning curve of any army, so they are a good choice also.

Necrons have a few close combat units but wraiths are the only ones really worth mentioning, Necrons 'main thing' is extremely high durability which makes their codex very powerful, however they work much better as a shooting army than as a close combat army, so probably not what you're looking for.

Imperial Knights are one of those armies an opponent will never than you for bringing to the table, the best way to play with Knights is to bring one or two as an allied detachment to another army because an entire army of them will make games boring for you and incredibly frustrating for your opponent (since most of his units will be completely incapable of damaging your army). A single imperial Knight would make a fun ally for a space wolf army.

18-06-2015, 19:01
ok , thanks for your help !
Maybe I'll start with the space wolves and 1 or 2 imperial knight , it seems a good army I really like !

19-06-2015, 19:51
Chaos space marines can put out a strong melee orientated army too as can daemons plus forge world are working on chaos knight rules...

19-06-2015, 21:28
We should see Dark Angels in a week, but likely fast bikes/speeders and the ************* Deathwing!

20-06-2015, 16:08
Go chaos man. The models are awesome and easy to modify to look how you want them to.