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04-07-2006, 00:58
Johann Van Zweijen walked to the front of the ship and turned to the pilot, "When are we arriving?" he asked. "Arrival on the planet of Tallarn in less than five minutes Sir, we had some problems in the warp, but it's all sorted now," "Good," replied in the Inquisitor.
They had been travelling for weeks now and the men were begining to grow tired, but it was all for a good cause, the artifact that had been uncovered on Tallarn was very important to him, and noone was going to stop him claiming it.
The planet came into view and the monitors began to beep wildly. "What's going on?" snapped Johann. "I don't know Sir, something's wrong with the coordinates, and, and...we've got incoming ships Sir! Orks! Closing fast!"
The Inquisitor swore and pulled out his bolter. He leant over to the intercom, "Attention, prepare to repel boarders, I repeat, prepare to repel boarders."
A mighty blast rocked the ship and the gigantic shape of an Ork-cruiser passed the cabin. It was badly damaged, and Van Zeijen was suprised to see it was flying at all. The beeping became more urgent and the pilot turned to him again "Sir, there's more of them! Eldar! Necrons! Hundreds of ships Sir! They came out of nowhere!"
More explosions rocked the cabin and the lights began to flicker "We're losing power!" cried one of the technicians. "We're going to crash!"
The ship began to wobble, and with a great crack the engines failed and it began to fall from orbit.
Van Zweijen leant over to the intercom again, "Brace yourselves men, we're about to commence emergency landing procedures". The pilot turned to him, "But we've got no engines!" "Just do it!" snapped the Inquisitor, "I don't care how you do it, bring us down safetly!". The ground was closing in fast and the shape of a large hive became evident. The intercoms crackled to life and a voice came drifting out. "This is Perseus command, you are entering a restricted area, confirm identification." "Johann Van Zweijen, Ordo Hereticus, and we're about to crash, so if you would please dispense all the beurocratic formalities we need urgent help". "Go figure," came the voice, "So do we, we're under attack here after all, I assume that's why you're here? We'll try to guide you down." The next few minutes involved a rapid exchange of messages and the rather bruised craft eventually touching down outside a large promethium refinery. A guardsman in the uniform of the Vostroyan infantry came running up as the men began to leave the ship. "Welcome to Medusa V, now get your guns and get into the refinery, quickly, we don't have much time,"
Van Zweijen turned to his men, "You heard the man, get your weapons and relocate to the refinery, we shall resume our business on Tallarn later," And with that he turned towards the towering shape of the promethium refinery and set off.

So my army arrives of Medusa V :p And now all I need to do is paint them, desert camo with orban bases should be an interesting combination but the sniper I've got painted shows that it looks pretty good. I'll be posting pics soonish.


04-07-2006, 01:35
Alrighty, terrible pics, but still...


Just a note, the sniper rifle isn't really bent, I don't know why it looks like that in the pic. :confused:

This dude needs a bit of inking to darken the skin, but I'm pretty happy with the pose as a whole.

Back of the sniper can be found here (http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j24/Polymphus/40K/sniperback.jpg).
The board doesn't like me posting the pic for some reason.
I'm not the best painter, so go easy on me :-p


04-07-2006, 20:26
erm.. the painting doesnt do the models justice, ill say that. and, just a s a further note, tallarn is a hell of a way away from medusa.

EDIT: i take that back, the paints in the right places in the right quantities. what i was saying is that its ot the best painting ever, but i like the conversion on the missile trooper...

Brush your teeth
04-07-2006, 22:55
yeah markos right, its good for block colour but they really need a some shading and highlighting. washes are a quick and easy way to do that or even dipping might work with those colours