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04-07-2006, 03:40

Now I've done a few of these before and they've all died on there arses because no one posted. So I want help I want pushing I want attention me me me.

I've been a comission painter for about two years now, and reckon I've gotten to the point where I could survive over the summer without getting a real job or going on the dole again. However I checked my bank balance today and low and behold, from a thousand pound over draft im down to 600 (ouch indeed).

So here's everything, in two lists, with green denoting nearly done, yellow denoting built and ready for painting, and red denoting that im scum and dont deserve to own/paint these models.

Comission work:
8 grail knights to match a fey I did a month ago
1 Bretonnian King
1 dragon prince standard bearer
25 maiden guard
4 grail knights in cream
2 bretonnian standard bearers
2 resin knights I've left for now because they scare me.

Private stuff:
NightBringer (which I've had since it came out, originally a nurgle daemon)
12 Necron tomb guard conversions
2 Vostroyan snipers
30 high elf spearmen
15 high elf archers8 glade riders
16 wood elf archers
1 spell weaver
1 wood elf lord with great weapon (come on, every one must own this guy)
Archaon (since christmas.. 2002.. whenever the book was out)
Witch hunter warband set
40 bretonnian men at arms with spears from mousillion*
Beastmen beyond counting
The remains of a zombie box set

*These arn't for me stritcly speaking. I'm doing these for my regular comission guy as a surprise because hes sent a lot of work my way, and he bought me a box of sam... oh

1 Box of TAG mounted Samurai

Anyway its a lot, and having just moved into a new place theres models everywhere and anywhere, so heres a shot of the pad so far:


I'm sorry about the hugeness of that I'm not that technically gifted. And the blurrynessity of thos pictures is due to my camera deciding to take that moment to wave its white flag and die on me.

Anyway I have knights to pant and a king to finish, all of which are a fortnight behind deadline.... a deadline that was moved by two months because I was behind... mainly due to not painting anything for awhile.... see i need encouragement and gentle prodding!

04-07-2006, 06:50
*kicks AD*

go to the store and get a new camera ;)

04-07-2006, 07:55
screw the gentle prodding!

*cracks whip*

Get on with it!

About the techwizziness of images: Download this: http://www.irfanview.com

Then open yor image in it, click the image menu, choose "Resize/Resample", choose what size you want (you have several options from default izes to percentages of the current size. Keep aspect ratio always) and save it again. Voila, intant image-that-doesn't-screw-Astro's-browser ;)

05-07-2006, 10:43

@Tkitch - I would but I really am extremely poor right now. I have 1000 pound over draft, of which 400 has gone mysteriously so whilst I know I need a camera (I'm on a film course so its not like I can avoid buying one forever) I really cant afford the quality I need. I do however have a friend with a lovely camera that has a macro lense so I have a cunning plan.
If anyone has tips on how to get pictures from a cheap web cam to look much better then I'm all ears. Actually if anyone can find me a camera that can be wired to a computer, take film footage, have a macro lense, and produce pictures 640x480 or bigger for under 100 quid then I'm happy to buy it this week (thus scuppering my plans to buy a big forgeworld kit next month).

@Astromarine - That tools cracking, can I use it to make an avatar *ponders whether to use a Frank Frezetta picture or just plup with arnie*?

Unfortunately I didnt get chance to use it on these pictures because the batteries on the camera have run out, meaning it takes a smaller, lower quality image if taken direct from the webcam. Ah well. There not quite finished yet each one has flaws which I'll address with the riders.



You can also see my Nightbringer in the background. He looks a bit odd with those yellow stripes down the middle but trust me it'll make sense in the long run.

Now I'm seriously fed up of painting bretonnian horses, so I'm off to spray these with varnish, then finish off some of the bretonnian king and maybe, maybe do some on the riders.

In all honesty I am a bit fed up of painting fantasy stuff. I dunno I miss my bolters :'(

07-07-2006, 04:12
Check out the first post - the dragon prince went green!
Yes barring some funky designs on the banner, his face, and the tail (hooves, and basing) this guy is done and off to his owner!

I'ts very different to other dragon princes, I tried black with a light brown armour trim with red and white cloth and I think it works so I'm pondering doing more at some point.

Have a look and see for yourselves - yet again I'm sorry for the blurry pic


I'm putting the lack or replies down to the fact that I post my updates at 4am..

Ah well, I'll try and update again once the knights are completely finished.

07-07-2006, 21:14
*Gets out shotgun* *Points at ADs head* I thought they told you to get on with it!!! And stop posting at 4am! *Prods with big bang end of gun* Do it! Do I have to press the big red button!! Although, I can't...... *Glares at unbreakable case around big red button*
Dan :skull:

08-07-2006, 02:13
I'm motivating myself in the best way possible - if I can get the knights finished and posted by 12, then I can go to GW and buy some eldar rangers...

This probably isnt the best way of solving my debt problem/model qauntity problem, but they are gorgeous, and the knights are flying off my paint desk...

See you in a few hours heres hoping!

08-07-2006, 18:20
I havent slept since...thursday, and then knights are finally done and off to there owner but I was so low on time I never got chance to take pictures :(

I do however, have a new unit of rangers, and my am I the happiest boy alive. They are pretty damn gorgeous sculpts so there not being painted for a day or so, I just wanted to look at them for awhile and recover ready for the next onslaught - Finished the bretonnian king and doing the standard bearers

EDIT: Meant to add this a day or so ago when models started going up but I havent had time to list them
Heres a listing of my current ebay auctions - theres a few warhammer novels in there.

13-07-2006, 00:58
So where have I been for five days?

Well I've had two nights sleep, been to manchester and back, and had my computer completely die, meaning I've had to system restore.

However, I then deleted the files I backed up, meaning in blind panic I used restore points to try and get them back, thus buggering up itunes completely. This means yet another system restore tonight.

Having said that, I have made a start on archaon whose looking so nice I definately will get my mates camera for some pictures, the maiden guard are ready to be started, and the rangers look on (I'm thinking red armour of Saim-Hann with black robes) desperate for friends.
Damnit I'm going to buy an eldar army arent I? Then my loans gona come and I'm going to have to buy a titan. GAH!

See you all in a few hours

13-07-2006, 01:03
Sound like youve had fun :) keep up the good work.

13-07-2006, 02:35
Ahh the person who was homaged and had his name spelt wrong posts in my thread :D ah that makes me happy

What makes my bank manager unhappy, was that I just bought three boxes of guardians and two falcons...

God damn eldar rangers!

Good thing its 5p listing day on ebay *opens up box of models, sets up camera, and away they go!*

13-07-2006, 05:58
Hey man keep up the good work hopefully you'll make it

i will keep up with this thread and keep pushing you along the track untill you have finished and by the way do you think you could get some pics of your tau army i want to have a look lol prob wrong thread but meh itll bump this thread along a bit

Anywayz good luck and ill talk to you soon

Lord Draken

13-07-2006, 09:22
Something of a endless loop, you want support from us but you need a new camera to show us what you have done, but you cant get one as you need money which you get from us giving you support. :p

Get painting!:)

13-07-2006, 10:27
Gah I've done no painting tonight having spent the last 7 hours fixing the PC which has gone from 'the b*stard PC' to 'the fragile PC' - the next 24 hours, as they say on TV, are critical.

Lord_Draken: I'm very sorry I havent got it any more. I sold it off a three or four years back when I switched to fantasy. It wasnt great painted, but I'm happy with it and I can describe most parts to you.
Each type of unit had its own color plus white armour, so fire warriors and battlesuits were red, pathfinders were green, stealth suits were yellow, broadsides and the battlesuits that cary rail cannons were in purple. That way I could try a few schemes whilst still being coherant on the table.
Theres times when I really miss it, but theres times when I dont. I never got beaten with my Tau, back when I set up the moorside club in manchester, but that was a mix of predicatable opponents (I've got marines, lets load up on lascannons and move nothing but the assault marines, woo!) and a new army (thats a shooty army hes going to stand.... wait why's he moving, argh!).
Once beat a lad in 4 turns with a marine force bigger then mine. Man those were good times.

Ben: Yeh its really frustrating because I can paint well - I do comission work for goblins sake! And I really want to show off the work so people can tell me how I can improve because I'm at the point now where I'm not sure where to go and how to go about it.

I've read tons of articles about mini photograph, but they all suggest a camera that costs a good 100 quid at least, and thats simply one I cant afford. If someone has any tips on using a webcam to take decent photos then get in touch. I can get access to a better camera but probably only once or twice, and I'd rather have a big pile of stuff to show you (I'll probably do new shots of everything when I get it).

Oh, and I'm getting the first box of eldar guardians tomorrow! I asked the ebay seller to send them out today and he upgraded them to special delivery free to charge! Now thats a good seller!

Now its 5p listing day, and I have an army to pay for - see you all tonight with archaon pics

13-07-2006, 10:55
Kool man and good luck with your eldar but also about the Tau (sorry im in to them lol just cant help it) what units did you use (all i really want is like a list like the follwoing if u wouldnt mind but u dont have to)

Hq -
Battlesuit commander
Elites -
3 Stealth suits
Troops -
12 fire warriors
12 fire warriors

and so on if you really wouldnt mind but then again u dont have to thnx:p

Lord Draken :D

13-07-2006, 19:16
My army, from what I remember, had the following -

Commander with missle pods, shield and plasma rifle

1 Battlesuit tooled up for close combat - mainly to be an annoyance. People wouldnt waste a turns shooting, but couldnt afford to leave it lying around so it usually caused enough disruption to be worth its cost.

2 battlesuits - similarly tooled up as the commander, as bodyguards

12 fire warriors - always wish I had a second squad

Kroot - meh, they died, never liked them. Cannon fodder really.

8 Gun drones - I got these free at games day, never painted them, but they were the best damn unit I had strangely.

Pathfinder squad with markerlight

2 of the battlesuits with the rail cannons

One broadside with rail cannon

With that many missile pods and rail cannons, enemy armor was neutralised, forcing the enemy to move slower and allowing me to run rings around them when I wished too. Oh and I had one stealth suit

Given the choice now though, I probably would swap the pathfinders for stealth suits because the pathfinders werent that effective in my army.

14-07-2006, 01:14
Hey thanks man for that

nice list by the way

anyway ill check up on this thread later

later man, cya around

Lord Draken

14-07-2006, 01:44
No problem

My PC is finally FIXED! I've lost 100 songs on my ipod though, meaning I'm going to have to spend a day or two rumaging around on itunes to discover who got MIA.

Right. Archaon. Paint. Go!

14-07-2006, 06:24
You know how it is. You sit down with the intention to paint something and it just doesnt work out like that..

In the picture below you'll see the vostroyan sniper thats about half way done, with archaon in the background. That bit of painted horse you see is the only bi of the horse thats really painted because I'm doing it it quarters so I can concentrate on the different areas of the model.


I'm still undecided as to the armour I should give Archaon, and I'm disappointed that I have got more done on him tonight because hes been a joy to paint when I have been doing him.

In other news I've started to clean up the comission bretonnian ltd ed battle standard, so I'll probably get cracking on that tomorrow if the spray can holds out. If not, then back to whats already got a coat on till I get some spray.

Thats the plan anyway... my eldar are suppose to be here within the next 6 and a half hours... no sir, im not counting, honest!

20-07-2006, 13:03
Gah I've been bad, but I have excuses!

I had a funeral on tuesday and I've been running around all week doing that and some family stuff yet again which has seriously immpeded my painting but on a better note, my Eldar have arrived!

I'm currently debating whether to order a fourth squad of guardians but I might play it safe and just wait till I've got the current batch done.

This is where I need your help though. Whilst I'm happy with my color scheme, I'm a little stuck on my Falcons (I have a pair :D) basically the guardians are red with black helmets, so the falcons can be either, but I want to do some free hand stuff on it. I've rummaged around on the net but everythings either out of my league or wouldnt fit on the falcon - any suggestions. I was thinking of painting the panels on each falcon with a little scene, but I'm hesitent on that one.

Apart from that theres not much progress to report - the bretonnian standard is getting finished soon as is leonceur (before monday hopefully) whilst the maiden guard keep looking at me with evil eyes (they do scare me)

My vostroyan sniper is finished! Yet archaon is no where near complete. Gah I'm frustrated. Its too hot, I'm suppose to be having a barbeque today, yet this Falcon I've spent the morning cleaning up keeps looking at me...

Oh, and the guardians, whilst I remember. I'm adding back banners to them with squad markings on. With so many guardians in red they'll look generic and I wanted a bold way of distinguishing squads and the like, I should have pictures up by midnight.

For now though, I have to cook some rice and sweatcorn...

31-07-2006, 17:49
Rise, rise my thread from the pits of death!

Hello all, I recently went and spent far too much money that I dont have on a canon powershot A530 - so expect decent pictures of everything done so far to follow..

Thats if I can get this blasted machine to work.. I needs me a techpriest

31-07-2006, 18:50
AH HA! Sorted

Right heres one pic to tide you all over of an eldar warlock I did... must have been two years ago. Hes not great, but I want advice on how I go about adjusting my camera settings to make him look better (hes actually much brighter).

More pictures to follow.

Oh and I dont have photoshop, so if anyone knows where I can get one of those blue to white sheets that'd be fantastic

31-07-2006, 19:36
Pictures! If we are to keep you motivated and not have this thread slip away again, need some stuff to comment on!!

31-07-2006, 19:38
Gah sorry didnt include the link

Please note its a big file... you were warned!


(Ill do resized pictures later)

31-07-2006, 20:22
Looks nice, though the silver sword looks a little plain, and the gold on the chest to a lesser degree. But I like the helm

31-07-2006, 20:24
Yeh I was thinking that myself, although this little beuty lets me exactly where I've been going wrong.

I never could get the sword right on that mini but I'm not going to be touching up now - I entered him into games day two years ago, got rightly battered, but I want to keep him as he was so if I ever get any further I can look back and feel impressed at my little self :D

31-07-2006, 21:49
Any new models for us to see?

31-07-2006, 22:46
Aye here we go...

My test guardian - not a great pic but I'll have a better one in the morning once I've set up a decent photo thingy

My nearly finished vostroyan sniper

My daemon prince - Started working on him one night about a year ago randomly so ignore the paint job..

Finally my comission pieces
Bretonnian army standard bearer, needs touching up slightly and the transfers adding. Oh and the banner of course

And the hippogrif from king frenchy (cant spell his name, frenchy will do) which I'm happy with although now I've seen the picture I can tell where I need to work on the model.

Thats all for now while I sort my room out - I have my padawan coming tomorrow so I can catch up on my comission work. I'll be posting pictures again tomorrow night of some finished miniatures :D

I've got a inquisitor.. er.. the little bald fella we've called Bing. I've also got a Falcon in red and some men at arms in mousillion colors to come.

Stay tuned, comments, questions, all that jazz

04-08-2006, 04:31
Okay so some more work to report on, remember big pictures are on these links - I havent had time to re-size them yet.

Firstly, my work in progress eldar ranger

I want to leave the cloaks in red and I'm liking the contrast between the bright red armor and the black leather although I'm not to sure about the white helm.

I did the reverse of this on the guardian

I'm experimenting with back banners for my guardians. If I do it, it'll be on every single guardian, not just one. It'll look striking on the table theres no doubt about that, but the question is does it work in the first place?
Oh and I will add the fins to the back of the model, there just not on yet.

And heres the falcon

Its over a black undercoat, and its not finished, so for the moment I'm fairly happy although for the life of me I cant seem to get it bloody smooth

Anyway I'm off to watch the Undiscovered Country - I'm in need of some more Trek. Some grail knight pictures should follow along with a finished ranger. Apart from that, night all.

05-08-2006, 14:37
Wow okay people stop with all the comments already I mean sheesh!

Thank you especially to the thousand people who've viewed and said bugger all! *waves fist angrily*

I need a following like deadley, that way it wouldnt matter when i posted but see this time I'm posting in the middle of the day when its pretty slow on Warseer so heres hoping *crosses fingers*

Anywho, heres pictures with the next entery so you can see without having to go through all the effort of clicking a link.

First up, the lead eldar ranger. I was tempted to cut off his pistol hand and change it to a pointy finger... ah well theres always the next set :D

Next up are my resin knights because I want to know how abouts I go cleaning these guys up - There from fenryl

Bigger pictures avaible on request - I'm currently toying with my new camera and infranview so let me know and I shall adapt.

Next up will be - definately - the finished grail knights, followed hopefully by either these guys, an elf ranger from mordhiem, or perhaps something a little different...

Until then, Im off to try and get film four working without an arial in preston.

God I hate preston.

05-08-2006, 17:20
love the look of that daemon prince, any chance of more photos of it?

05-08-2006, 18:07
Any chance for a close up on the ranger please :) ,Everything else is looking sweet ,Keep up the good work ;)

05-08-2006, 18:15
Wow! Most certainly - currently resizing them all on photobucket, but heres one while the rest are uploading (hmm wasnt there like a bulk upload option awhile back on photobucket?)


bobert the great clen one
05-08-2006, 18:40
very cool keep up the good work i love the guardian:angel: the ranger is looking snazzy aswell but from the pic(big one) it looks like the white is chalky might be the pic but looking good nonother than that :p

well done

05-08-2006, 18:47
WOW! three people in one day!! Its not even my birthday (sorry I am quite chuffed people are starting to post as it usually means they keep coming back)

Okay here's three more shots of the daemon prince, and Ill follow with two more of him, then a final single post with a decent ranger picture and reply to the comments (ooo comments :D)

This picture shows the join pretty well in real life, however not so much here as miliput is the same shade as rotten flesh...
Both wings are pinned to the torso, which with a bit of filing fitted perfectly. I drilled the holes for the drawing pins later on.

I was careful not to drill anywhere between te straps as that would mean re-modelling them, and whilst my skills could possibly stretch that far the model is fairly complex and it did seem pretty pointless to attempt to.

It was basically a case of going 'right, where can I stick one of these without stabbing myself in the process and looking fairly chaotically natural'

05-08-2006, 18:52
I remember bending Cherbeul.. Mr Stabby before he got his pins to make him look as if he was in the thrawl of some warp energy, and you can really see that here

However its the frontal shot I love the most. Theres something about the way the wings are flung back, like hes in the midst of propelling himself upwards and yet the outstreched arm seems to be upto something...

The bit I'm holding was mean to be part of a rocky thingy to give him even greater stature on the 40mm base..

Oh and the shield, I added because that side looked bland and I didnt want him to have a weapon. A shield is fine because archers are pesky, but if you were a daemon prince covered in spikey bits, wouldnt you rather be using your hands :evilgrin:

Ranger to follow

05-08-2006, 19:10

Sorry for the size of the last two - if they killed anyones internet or break forum rules then let me know and resize them I shall!

@ Bobert - He looks slightly chalky because I started from a red gore base for some reason. I thought a hint might show through and it'd tie together nicely but I shall give it another coat.

@ deadley - I'll get a less blurry one later, but you asked for a close up and thats as close as it can go :D

The only thing really finished is the armor, and I'm still not happy with that - I want this Eldar army to be spot on. To the point of insanity...

Next on the ranger is cream-ish bone for the rifle and pistol (I dont want to do wood because it seems a bit.. tacky, and this guys cool :cool:) , touch up the straps and the eyes.

If I'm honest it practically paints itself. I can sit here and paint it though if that makes sense. I've tended to add something new each time I've gone to take a new picture, or whilst photobucket uploads my pictures.
Oh and the back pack

And his friends who I shall definately make a start on tonight because on Monday I have new comission work to do

Add to the list

24 knights of the realm in yellow
24 bretonnian archers.. in yellow

I'm going to try later to disuade him from such mind numbing work, but I'm afraid I might end up having to cheat a bit...

06-08-2006, 02:48
i'm not sure why, but there's something about your daemon prince conversion that makes it one of the best i've ever seen. I'm not too keen on the paint job but i'm always fussy anyway. It looks like he's continuously mutating from the raw chaotic powers. nice.

06-08-2006, 03:05

No I'm pretty disgusted with the paint job, then again for only my second Inquisitor scale mini and painted not that long after it came out (3, 4 years ago?) I've seen worse.

I've been wondering how to describe the fella for years but cant quite get it right. I think its perhaps because the wings are untouched. I had planned to have worms coming out of the wings at one point, or at least add a rip, but I decided to leave them untouched. You can imagine these spikes mutating in and out of his body all day long, but the wings..

Finished the undercoat on my second ranger - the one I've wanted to paint since I saw Brimstones pic before christmas, and the one that is causing me to buy an eldar army (possibly with another box or three of rangers.. depends how many come out with the codex).

Anyway, grail knights still need finishing.. I was very bad and started to play conker: live and reloaded..

06-08-2006, 11:23
Nice work, good to see your persevering even without that many replies. These latest pictures seem a lot better which I think will help a lot. Maybe make the last two a touch smaller, just so you don't need to scroll across to see all of the pic.

07-08-2006, 11:54
Sort of an update..

The ranger leader is nearly done, and his friend is coming along nicely (picture can be found HERE (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/IMG_0092.jpg) )

I mainly wanted to update because my next lot of comission work has come in, and its a very tasty little lot. In fact when I say its a tasty lot, I mean I'm so looking forward to doing this that I'm getting side tracked. My plan was to finish the grail knights, then prep the maiden guard whilst doing Leonceur.

Oh no.. instead these come..


Now amongst this little lot, ignoring the old style bretonnians for a moment are:

Both Bretonnian Lords
The old style (and imo better, I painted the new one and it wasnt fun) damsels
The ltd edition old style bretonnian lord (better look HERE (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/IMG_0091.jpg))
Both types of lahmian vampire (4 in total)

Plus these three babies. The one on the left with the Cat is Neferata and Bastet, which I'm not too keen on. The one on the right is a reaper miniture that I'm not too keen on but it'll let me experiment, and in the middle we have the big guy. The one I homed in on as soon as I put down those lahmians..

Now, I know I said I was suppose to do maiden guard, but that guy is cool and I feel like watching interview with a vampire tonight..

07-08-2006, 11:58
Oh and one more thing. I'd like to introduce you all to dave


For the past three nights now this guys visited me while I paint. Considering I usually get moths who fly into my globe lamp shade and then panic, its a welcome change. Plus hes quite happy for me to pick him up and put a big camera within a few centimeters of his tiny frame.

Thought he was dead the other night he was that still, although a few pushes soon sorted that out. Sneeky devil he is.

Anyway I shall continue reporting on dave and things as they get painted.

Not that I'll be painting dave - although I am quite freaked out that he's yellow, and all this comission work just happens to be for yellow knights..... ever so slightly freaked out....

07-08-2006, 13:04
The rangers are looking good ,keep up the cool work :)

07-08-2006, 13:27
Ta deadley :D

I've been tempted to paint them all up and just do them as a unit but I've been holding back. I want every model to be totally perfect, but then again they look so cool I want to get them done.

Meant to ask you as well - any chance of getting a few pics of your terminator grey knights? The standard box? I've been toying with the idea of getting the set and whacking it up on ebay with a paint job but.. meh I dunno I dont feel inspired enough by them yet as a unit, only the brother captain really gets me.

07-08-2006, 14:08
beware the yellow moth! it looks to be some kind of omen.

btw, some kind of sword would look very nice in the daemon's other hand. Or if you don't like to use a weapon, then maybe more spikes coming out the fingers?

07-08-2006, 14:13
Hmmmm not a sword, thats the absolute no no for it.

How about some kind of warp fire magicy thingy? hmmm thinking at it now the pose looks like it could be a throwing one with a bit of bending

I know he scared me at first, although he leaves when I stop painting which makes me worried but still hes happy watching and its nice to have some encouragement while your working :D

07-08-2006, 16:29
i like the dp conversion as well, instead of putting him on a rock, what about a smokey cloud somehow? representing the smoke from magic, or some sculpted flames licking up around the feet to hidea brass rod. providing you can sculpt them.

07-08-2006, 16:47
Not so much a rock more like.. remeber the daemon prince versus blood thirster conversion Jacob nielsen did? Kinda like that rock, something with shape to it.

I might get some of the forgeworld resin pillars or something like that - my sculpting skills are pi$$ poor to put it nicely. Give me my tool kit and a bits box and ill cover you any model you want, but ask me to sculpt a purity seal on it and ill be at it all day

Taking a day off today (well... might finish the knights in a minute) while I do a paint strippers blog

10-08-2006, 20:30
Hmmm im a very very lazy boy

Finally gotten close to finishing one of the Grail Knights (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/IMG_0129.jpg), and started work on the final elf hero (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/IMG_0131.jpg) I have to do.

This means I've started on the maiden guard (which may have been sent to me last year...). Oh well I am a lazy sod.

I also got distracted by a grey knight terminator (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/IMG_0130.jpg). I've been pondering getting a unit as ebay food but I dunno. I'f I do that ill go get some micro art bases and other gubbinz while im at it.

To be honest for the past few days I've had no muse. I know that sounds daft in the world of model soldier painting, but I simply cant paint at the moment. Oh well.

I've got some work to do before I hit the big lot, and I'm off to manchester tomorrow so I'm going to take the two bretonnian lords that have to be cream with me and a vampire so I can at least do *some* painting. I dunno.

I'll post more tonight I think, I just need to get back in the saddle.

Oh, and as a side note. And not a very healty one...
I worked out today that it would cost 310.42 to build an entire battle company*, plus command and armour. Call it 400 quid. That sounds quite resonable to me.

So.... if I did it, what chapter? Oh dont worry this isnt something ill do just yet. Ill paint my eldar up and see how I feel, but what chapter? Remember it cant be anything that has a different organisation (templars, wolves, blood angels er.. possibly dark angels). Also, not imperial fists. I'll be sick of painting yellow soon so. Ill also add a terminator squad and scout squad to this, plus armour, just to round it all out.

Hypothetically speaking of course.

*10 rhinos, 6 tactical squads, 2 full assault squads, 2 full devestator squads.

11-08-2006, 23:12
www.epicast.com has nice bases as well


12-08-2006, 18:07
grail knight looks good, like how you painted the dragon green over silver or another metal, looks better IMHO but i am too lazy to do it on my brets, the horses cloak thingy looks a little uneven and patchy, so perhaps another thin coat of paint to even it out?

14-08-2006, 23:21
I've spent all bloody day arguing with an imbecile whose being painting about 18 months and is telling me how to paint models.
ME! I've been in this hobby a decade and a half! Pfft out of my site insolent whelp!

Gah thats put me in a bad mood. Anyway I'm back from manchester once more and ready to paint. On the slab this week, aside from comission stuff, are a freshly stripped comissar yarrick, and due to a freshly stripped cannoness a SOB retributor squad using my favorite female models :D
Apart from that, I had begun to assemble the bretonnian lords but there a bloody pain the rear I must say. One doesnt fit together right and the other looks awkward. Oh well, I can always get started on the lahmians and thats a very nice prospect i must say.

Steel legion - it was kind of an accident I did when i first painted bretonnians. Obviously drybrushing the model is a messy process, and the crest got a coat. Then when I went to paint it, being too lazy to paint the crest again left bits of metal showing through and I've done it ever since. Its down to personal taste that one though I can see some people liking it where others wouldnt.

Orcdom - I was after some slate bases and I dont really fancy anything from epicast whereas I can by some of those minions if I put an order in with microart.

I'm also tempted to go and nab some slate and a molding kit and do my own instead - obviously basing 50 odd eldar is impractical through micro art et al, but doing it myself is possible...

15-08-2006, 15:40
Wadup hommies

Okay two minor updates but expect more tonight when im back from the shops.

Firstly we have a freshly stripped daemon prince conversion (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/IMG_0133.jpg).
as you can see he broke into bits sadly but he wont take too long to fix. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the wings but meh Ill work around it.

I also wanted to show off Typhus of Nurgle (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/IMG_0132.jpg). I started him last year, painted all this in about a day and then left him. I wanted a really old school schemed typhus rather then some of the newer deathguard green scheme, and its going really well. He'll look spot on if I ever get him finished (or remember how I actually painted him in the first place....

Tonights work includes finishing off the elf, doing a lahmian tester, undercoating the daemon prince and hopefully some work on the bretonnian king.

Then if I'm lucky, build some bloody eldar. Speaking of which, I've got a pair of farseers coming next week so expect them soon but I'm not sure about how to paint them. I was thinking of the red armour but part of me's like 'Mark, these are farseers... cant you.. you know.. do something special'. Any ideas? I've been reading the Horus Heresy novels recently and I'm curious about Erebus' armour. Would that be worth trying on an eldar do you reckon?

Anyway. Food.

16-08-2006, 17:00
Well tonights work turned into a film night with Ben&Jerry (curse my gelatonous hide!)

I cant find my muse at the moment, so I'm employing some ladies to get my fire burning


I've been wanting to build this squad since I saw the Sister Hospitaler and with some wrangling, I finally have it. Now I do want some conversions, as you can see I've done a bit with two of the retributors but I'm stuck on the third - any ideas people.

And finally paint scheme. I find them hard to paint so tips, tricks, anything would be helpful here really.

There going to be mounted on an oval base - my first attempt at making some actual display models! I was pondering about making them the survivors of Sanctuary 101...

I thought I'd show off my living saint while I was at it too



16-08-2006, 23:52
Just read through this thread properly, noticed that you appear to be from Preston. Suck doesn't it.

17-08-2006, 00:04
Ahhh so there is more then one!

Oh yes, sucks like donkey bits. Its not actually that bad - I can see why people like it. Is just you know, Ive come from Manchester which has some of the best things around - The GW there is, I'm happy to say, second to non. The food is great and the beer is plentiful.

Having said that the beers cheaper in preston, although I put that down to everyone drinking so heavily to forget that there in preston...

Anyway, aside from the doom and gloom, I'm spray painting any minute now...
The ltd ed bretonnian standard
one mounted lahmian vampire
Another random vampire
Comissar Yarrick
'Phil' the psyker from the witch hunters set

Ooo Mr Anderson, quick question - whats the longest you've been in GW Preston before they've tried to sell you something that your not interested in?

17-08-2006, 00:17
I try and avoid going in really, anything I can't get cheaper on the internet i will just grab, go to the counter and get out

I need to find a decent club to play with other gamers at, I hate playing in-store because all the armies are ones that have winning at all costs in mind and no character, and all my mates got out of the hobby ages ago.

Any recommendations would be lovely.

17-08-2006, 00:22
What do you play and how arsey about army composition are you lol?

I havent seen any clubs around recently, but then again I simply havent had the time to game in.. ooooo.. 2 years. I'll give you a bash sometime depending on what you play and how long it'll take me to get my gear in order (and re-learn the rules)

17-08-2006, 00:27
i play 40K exclusively. I'm only really getting back into it myself. I have a pretty big Relictor Space Marine army, but that's out of favour. I'm working on my Guard at the moment (see sig), but I only have 400 pts worth.

17-08-2006, 00:35
Hey thats you?! Man your so on. I was going to ask you for some better pictures of those rough riders actually.

How does a 500pts game sound then? You'll be scrapping against guardians and falcons and a farseer when it comes. Not sure when exactly however but.. hmmm yeh maybe about three weeks at most if I get myself in gear and find a copy of the new rules..

17-08-2006, 04:02
Enter general Bison!


Just doing him while I find my painting muse. Hes been lovely to paint until I realised he looks like a street fighter, and Raul Julia is cool, I would like to have him look.. you know.. not like a street fighter. Oh well. He'll look nice next to my Vostroyans, might even make a little diorama if I can half-inch some cities of death bits to make a funky base...

bobert the great clen one
17-08-2006, 04:10
holy emperors nostral hairs how did u paint saint celistines armour???!!!!

17-08-2006, 04:38
With many many tears.

Not that hard actually. I cheated - White undercoat, black inked, then if I remember rightly it was a very slow process of building up the yellow to the state it is now.

Yeh because if I had done it any other way it'd look richer and be smoother. And you'd see the orange :D

Oh, thanks Bobert :d

Actually thats why I stopped - I loved the armour so much I cacked myself at the thought that any mistake would go on that yellow, meaning I'd have to redo the entire thing...

Currently Listening too - Bat Out Of Hell Live
Currently Paint - the bling on Yarrick

bobert the great clen one
17-08-2006, 05:19
cool nice choice of track to listen to what colours your gona do da bling

listening to nightwish :over the hills and far away
job: converting sensei boberto (italian samuri capitano for my marines)

bobert the great clen one
17-08-2006, 05:53
any more progress??

17-08-2006, 06:20
Only a bit...


He doesnt look like general Bison anymore so I'm pretty happy, and the golds coming on nicely - the wings need shading but the rest is there.
The skull also needs doing, plus the medal and the triangle thing needs a trim but that'll probably be last while I ponder the other colors.

I have to admit faces are my dodgy point - occasionaly spot on, usually ****** - but I'm really happy how this guys face turned out. I'm tempted to do another highlight but.. no I dont think I will not till everything else is done.

Apart from that, I've made a start on the psyker and I should have made a start on the lahmian by the time I get a reply to this :D

Comments, questions, all that jazz welcome as ever

(And meatloaf got switched off in favor off Miss Congeniality... I'm allowed some cheese to paint to!)

bobert the great clen one
17-08-2006, 07:08
nice are you in the uk? if so what are you doin still painting at this hour?

bobert the great clen one
17-08-2006, 07:09
looks ace btw

17-08-2006, 07:13
Aye in Preston as mentioned before.

I use the excuse that at night theres no natural light effecting the models. To be honest I dont have a clue. I do however paint for a living now which is ace - nice fat comission is landing very soon so being up all night lets me gear up for painting when Im not in the mood to do anything during the day.

I've hit a bit of an impass with him though... Hmmm its odd. I've mad a start on a lahmian though So I think I'l go have breakfast and a cup of tea then come back to it

17-08-2006, 07:34
Kolonel Guile..."You come to fight a madman, and instead find a god?

Enter general Bison!


i realy like you yari...ermmm Bison so far

17-08-2006, 07:40
And not just any god.. A god with a storm bolter and a big a$$ claw, and he can shoot lasers from his eye!

I was going to add some green to his hat, but I think I'm going to have to research Bison before I do anything more. I was pondering adding a transfer - my freehand is cack - in the form of the imperial eagle on both sides of the bottom of the coat. In black of course in keeping with the current scheme

17-08-2006, 08:56
Okay, last update from a very tired little painter.

First up, Bi..Yarrick. He's looking less Bisonish actually then I first suspected, its just that bloody hat.


Next up is the bound psyker. What do you reckon. No much to see except the flesh, which I did after realising I could actually paint flesh!


Lastly we have the beginnings of a Lahmian vampire. I'm not sold on the color scheme, which is going to make it harder to sell to my comission guy, but shes getting there, and she is only the tester for the other 6 or so I have to do.


I will start cropping the pics and resizing them, I'm still working out infranview properly. Outwise let me know what you think and all that buisness.

The last two are very work in progress but I think bisarrick is practically done - I can keep adding to i but I dont like busy models. Its nearly done so I can put it to one side soon and concentrate on my eldar.. and my comission work.

EDIT: I appologise for the complete cackness of these pictures but I am rather tired so you'll have to wait a few hours.

bobert the great clen one
17-08-2006, 09:00
woot loving the bound psyker doing a foot ball celebration oh and guess wat i found loads of marines so there getting stripped(asa i get break fluid ) and i shall start my own blog!!

17-08-2006, 11:12
Hey thats you?! Man your so on. I was going to ask you for some better pictures of those rough riders actually.

How does a 500pts game sound then? You'll be scrapping against guardians and falcons and a farseer when it comes. Not sure when exactly however but.. hmmm yeh maybe about three weeks at most if I get myself in gear and find a copy of the new rules..
Sounds good, I'll just add some more Guardsmen from the old lot I have to make up the points (Or rebuild my Basilisk, though that would probably be futile against Eldar)

I'll post some better pictures of the Rough Riders in my Log.

17-08-2006, 18:54
Actually.. I think I'm going to have to go and do an army list or something. IIRC a falcons like 170 so that'd be half my force, and I definately want my rangers, so that'd pretty much be it :eyebrows:

A tankless game seems a bit friendlier until I can add things with more punch. Besides no point in both rushing to get a tank into a game only to counter the others (In other words, it'll take too much work to do the falcon). The rough riders look great by the way - your having 15 of those right? That'll be good to face I must say - especially when I get some of those new scorpions.

Okay so I've been up for an hour, had some breakfast and I think I'm going to do a bit more on the psyker just to ease me in to tonights painting.

18-08-2006, 13:11

Another night of painting, another brick wall night I must say. Theres progress, and both the psyker and Barrick look great its just. Gah I dunno I havent been to sleep in 24 hours, theres a train ride ahead of me and an hours walk to the station so I'm not exactly a bunny of cheerful ness.

Anywho, heres Barrick as he stands now,


Looks snazy dont you think. Tthe chest armour might get another shade of flesh/black ink but apart from that I'm pretty pleased.
The storm bolter however is one my my pride and joys. I was really worried about it over powering the miniture but its just nice as it is there, and the laural wreath on it doesnt look to shoddy I must say.
His bale eye was simply blue ink over the dry brushed metalic so whilst I was lazy it does create a nice effect. I might add a layer of varnish then a layer of ink to give it a more glassy effect but we'll see.

Onto the psyker


This model is bloody wierd to paint. I can imagine all funky colors, runes, what have you all over it but then I do to do it and...
I cant bring myself to do it. I like the rags/clothes he has on, so I might just touch up the metal and label him finished. Plus hes not a centre piece. He compliments Yarrick superbly (yes hes not meant to but meh) so I'm going to have him haning with the sisters I think.

Finally, I built a dragon prince on foot (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/IMG_0147.jpg)- conversion I began when the high elf book came out (3, 4 years ago?) I need to twist his right foot slightly and move him over on the base, but apart from that I really like him. Very different on the table I think.

Anyway I'm off to manchester for a holiday. Its been a hard slog these past few days and whilst the results are totally great - especially Barrick - I want my bed and some rest. I also had my farseers come today (the two from the seer council box set) so I'm looking forward to painting them at the end of the week.

I'd like some imput on Yarricks claw please. I want to make it orky but I'm stuck.

18-08-2006, 18:38
There all looking good mate ,Keep up the good work ;)

18-08-2006, 23:03
Shame it's out of focus. :( but looks good otherwise.

19-08-2006, 00:22
yeah you got your camera set to the wee flower thing? apart form the blurry-ness looking good, yarrick is look great already, and the psyker is a great model and so far the flesh looks very well done, keep up the good progress!

20-08-2006, 21:57
Any updates? (BTW The projects looking very nice so far ;) )

22-08-2006, 22:55
Evening all just thought I'd do a heads up mid way through my little holiday.

Basically the paintings going... horribly. Yes thats the right term. I've found myself being up till 4 in the morning with nothing painted and going to sleep very depressed.

I have however, begun to finish the squad of rangers (they'll be done for my return hopefully) and the mounted lahmian who has a very nice faded silk dress on.

Apart from that, Yarrick has two chips in the paint that infuriate me no end,whilst the lahmian on foot looks at me mockingly. I'm ditching the grey and giving her an all purple dress purely because it'll be easier for me to paint and when shes finished Ill feel much better.

I appologise for my dodgy camera work - it is the kinda stuff you get after no sleep, and please bear in mine that they arent resized; if I'd made them smaller you probably wouldnt notice the blur... :D

30-08-2006, 08:32
Good evening all

I have returned from my home in manchester to my hovel in Preston, cursed city of evil that it is. I did however find out that the free P&P for mail orders if done through the store is still in effect so I've been thinking of getting a penal... nah you dont want to know about that little project :D

Anywho despite a general lack of progress, I did get one thing partially painted to a nice standard - a lahmian vampire...


I love the lahmian models, but I never liked the paint jobs too much. This lady has a nice paint job. Granted its rough in places but Ill sort that out on the next pass. I'm just so happy with it though which is why I havent made any more progress.

Oh and for those who asked, a clearer shot of Barrick


I also managed to get some more work done on the eldar rangers so I cant complain too much

31-08-2006, 10:55
keep up the good work!

also i want to see more of your eldar!

05-09-2006, 23:00
Gah! I hath returnerethed!

No pictures just yet as I have been up since 11am yesterday and I am ever so slightly knackered - however, I have made progress on several things so will update once I get out the bath (painting is slightly unhygenic...)

13-09-2006, 15:06
Hoi hoi

Right I'm back again - after battling to assemble shelves which has random pockets of concrete, having my internet cut for a week, and travelling to manchester twice. Not to mention battling with Itunes7 which is such complete cack I'm resorting to windows media player.

(Only one of three however, but thats for another time...)

I've got a few bits done but due to all the paint stripping and some other stuff I've not been painting as much as I should.

However I have one nice little piece to show you and I should have a finished leonceur to show you all within a day or so. On top of that I've been building my Eldar, and I should also be able to show MrAnderson whats going to be facing him in a few weeks (between freshers fair, the course, money issues, painting and travelling across the north west I dont know whether I'm coming or going, but meh its a laugh).


I ended up with this guy after deciding that I really liked the mini and that he'd look much better in true death guard colors then green (seems a bit of a cop out to paint Nurgle forces in green). Having said that he's not white. Because built him up from Salamander green (wonder who remembers that), with increasingly thin layers to what it is now (skull white) theres still the hint of green showing through and it looks great.

Its a similar technique to what I used on my nurgle lord on horse back which I shall dig out later today if only to show him off a bit.

13-09-2006, 18:47
Looks cool. Do you actually like painting though? You seem to force yourself a lot.

13-09-2006, 20:05
I used to love painting, its since I start getting money for it that its lost its edge, although it comes back now and then when somethings looking particularly good (Barrick, Typhus, Rangers, the lahmian).

Once I've got my current work out of the way, I'll have a month off just to get fired up about it again. Having the paints in front of you every day, seeing how far there is to go, and with no one to encourage you but yourself, it tends to be extremely taxing.

Its why I've broken my big rule with eldar - never buy in bulk. I bought three boxes on the cheap, but I know I wont get them all done. I bought a box of rangers when they came out and there nearly done because its only five models.

Its the fact theres been no pressure - I know I have three weeks to finish everything, so it'll kick in soon and everything will be finished pretty quickly in theory. Plus this army to fight MrAnderson has two main colors both of which I can paint quickly and effectively so they'll be done within the week hopefully.

Anyway I need to get back to building...

14-09-2006, 00:40
Thought I'd give a taste of things to come before I sign off and go paint...


I couldnt resist the new terminators for long, but they've sat half built for awhile. I built one as a deathwing, really nicely done, and then I started building the guy on the left because I wanted a stretched assault cannon and the rest came from there - pose and head.

Regarding the head, it doesnt fit perfectly. A bit of shaving of the head is required. In fact a lot, but it looks cool once in a must say.

I painted them gold because the assault cannon mini just screamed for it and I couldnt resist. I'm proud to say that the leg pad actually reflects off the base and toe :D


The other guy WAS going to be the unit champion in robes and the like but... I dunno he keeps evolving. I have the idea that a terminator chaplain should in effect be a walking temple after seeing Rich123'S wip terminator with the candles. I dunno we'll see how things go on this guy but so far all is looking well - if he's built tonight he'll be painted tonight along with the squad... and what else has been sprayed :P

Unfortunately they've dismantled the CoD board up in Preston :( I was looking forward to marching these chaps across the debris.

Oh and one more thing - all the marines your about to see are what I've built up over the past.. oo.. decade or so. I have at no point bought a new miniture for this army barring the terminators and a command squad box. I wanted to see if I could construct an army purely from old figs and have it look good.... suffice to say, its looking sweet..

14-09-2006, 17:45
So after a nights slog...


Yeh there getting there. Not perfect, and not that far done but another coat or two on them I think to smooth the gold out. I havent started on the arms yet because I wanted to get the torso spot on plus I need to do a bit of converting work...


This guy I built after my assault cannon guy and totally love. I've been waiting to paint him for awhile, and did consider painting him in black but when I started I knew he should in gold.
I was originally going to have a terminator command squad, and this guy was meant to be the standard bearer. Considering that I've already made his left arm I'm just gona carry on with that plan - can never have enough standards in a marine army is what i say!


I've done a bit of work on the hero/chaplain and I'm pretty pleased. My abilities with green stuff are pretty limited so the fact he's turned out even this good has made me pretty happy.

Next up....


A devestator squad for some much needed fire support along with a squad of veterans that I've been assembling for years...

15-09-2006, 07:30
Okay so I've done some more work on the chaplian let me know what you all think.



I have a feeling that the pose doesnt look right - the torso needs tweeking and so does the axe, although I was after a nice dramatic sweep and the arm (a point for whoever knows who the donor was, although its not that hard) leant itself well.

You also cant see the tube thingies (there two tubes with either skulls or crux terminatus on the end - dunno what its meant to be) of which theres two, on the back of the model. I've decided that these are either prayer scrolls or oaths of moment from the squad he's with.

The servo skull isnt attatched yet, but its there as a possible addition because I made it and thought it looked funky. Plus I really want to add some to my marines just to add some more character.

I've not added purity seals yet which I want to go totally over board on and cover his armour in. I also want to add some some chain - I fancy having the axe attatched to the armour so when hes not using it in battle he hangs if over his shoulder and leads the prayers.

Anyway feedback is welcome (thoughts opinions, insults, something guys please)

15-09-2006, 18:43
Spent the day in GW Preston today accidentally - I say accidentally as I only wanted to pick up my mail order and find out when I had to gofor my interview. Ended up staying there six hours and organised a game of inquisitor 40k scale on Tuesdays. GAH!

THEN when my mail order did come, turns out the shot guns dont fit right so I have to mangle these lovely models. To compel matters further, I dont actually have enough shotguns to arm the entire squad, so I now have to wait to my next order and order more then I actually want to/can afford.


AND to make matters worse, the Judge armed with shield and shock maul looks so sweet, meaning I now want a riot squad.


The dual weilding boltpistol guy will be my detective (inquisitor or Colonel, not yet decided which rules.. possible even an independant comissar), with the cyber-mastiff, cherubim, and type-writer guy as his henchmen/staff - these will be joined by the bound psyker ive shown on here before.

Tonight I have to wash the bathroom - wouldnt mind if my housemate and his missus werent.... yeh I'll not finish that, use your imagination as long as your over 18.

Put it this way, if these guys are cleaned up and sprayed tonight, then the terminators will be finished - I'll work to finish those so I can get cracking on these.

Oh and I've got some comission work to do.. allegedly.

bobert the great clen one
24-10-2006, 21:11
hmm i guesssing fro the donor >>>>> axe head 6th ed dwarf champ (plastic one)

arms >>>>>>>>>> logan grimnar baby!!!

great stuff btw!

24-10-2006, 21:42
Gah! Threadomancy!


I will update this sometime soon I'm just trying to get things in order - I'm allegedly haviing a marathon of something, several games of inquisitor, producing a film oh and actually doing some coursework...

Yeh logan grimnars arms although the axe head comes from the original white dwarf

bobert the great clen one
24-10-2006, 21:47
hehe lol sorry about threadromancing and gah! i knew it was a dwarf head!!!

07-04-2007, 07:49
nice riot squad
any updates?