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25-06-2015, 05:19
Flipping through my new marine book I made a most welcome observation, a perfectly functional and fluffy Ordos Xenos Army seems possible now without too much hassle, other than having to spend a King's ransom on books. Running a Miltarum Tempestus army with an Inqusitorial detachment and a First Company Task Force (Filled with sternguard of course) allows me to run an extremely fluffy Ordos Xenos Army without all the aggravation of counts as or aggravating troop taxes. I don't really know why this pleased me so much, but figured I'd share my joy at finding a way to bring an army who's background I love to the tabletop without too much hassle. Now if only I could find a good way to run Arbites....

I'm curious to see other people's thoughts on using formations, allies, etc to bring some of the background of 40k to life on the tabletop. What's the most creative force you've seen, etc, etc.

El Torro
25-06-2015, 09:45
The main problem I see with what you're suggesting is that you would need to take 3 Sternguard squads. That's a big points commitment for your Deathwatch. Other than that it looks fine.

The main strength I see with the way allies work is exactly for this purpose, to make customised themed army lists. I am also in the process of making an Ordo Xenos force. After that my plan is to make a Slaanesh force, made up of Marines, Daemons and Renegades.

Regarding Adeptus Arbites, Inquisition can help here. Acolytes with carapace armour and bolters.

05-07-2015, 10:03
Since the Mechanicum lacks psykers, I am taking a formation of Iron Hands Librarians to round out my War Convocation. Formations are really awesome for this.

It is not impossible that the rumors are correct that a deathwatch codex/supplement/datasheet will come this year.

The inquisition, count-as sounds like the best bet for Arbites right now. The only thing I think you are lacking is bikes (and grenade launchers)

05-07-2015, 15:36
They'd be slightly off what with the improved stays, but I'd be tempted to try a 10th Company Task force of scout bikers to count as arbite bikes

05-07-2015, 16:05
I've also made excellent use of the 1st company formation.....as Alpha Legion veterans to accompany my insurgents.:p

As to your idea of ordo xenos army, it works perfect but I think after you commit to the 1st company detachment you'll be strapped for points, but if you're going for a more elite force then more power to you. Frankly I'd just go with vets instead of storm troopers.

05-07-2015, 16:41
I'm using Khorne Daemonkin to represent my traitor BA successor who have turned to khorne. Only had 4 games so far but even though all the units I'm currently using are available in the csm book daemonkin makes the army so much more fun

06-07-2015, 01:23
This was my first thought when I saw the new book, and my first battle was against my friends Necrons. I ran a first company strike force with two sternguard squads and a vanguard squad led by a strike force command jump pack chaplain. Backing them up was a psychotroke grenade psyker Ordo Xenos Inquisitor and Callidus and Vindicare assassins. As a bonus all the marines were painted up as Deathwatch, with the shoulder pads and everything. There's pics in the plog in my sig if you're interested.

Overall it was 5 different detachments in a small 1000 point game, which sounds cheesy but it was the fluffiest list I've ever fielded. His Necron Lord slew the entire vanguard squad before being cut down in single combat by the Inquisitor. It was a fun game from start to finish and both of us had a blast, I would recommend using the allies matrix for fun games such as this to everyone, it really breathes new life into the game.

Ambience 327
06-07-2015, 16:02
For those concerned about the cost of the 1st Company Formation, why not just run an Allied Detachment with a Captain, Librarian or Pedro Kantor as the HQ, a small squad of Scouts as Troops (which could just be "Recon Deathwatch", Arbites with Riot Shields (to represent T4), or even just a small unit of actual Space Marine Scouts working in conjunction with the Sternguard/Deathwatch squad (which would obviously be your single Elites choice). Not terribly expensive, and the HQ model can join up with the Sternguard/Deathwatch squad to give you the leader character the old unit had. Kantor is a great choice as he makes them Objective Secured, gives them Preferred Enemy (Orks), which is quite fluffy for an Ordo Xenos kill team, and the Imperial Fists "Bolter Drill" Chapter Tactics now sync very well with Sternguard.

I definitely feel your pain on fielding Arbites though. Marine Scouts would be perfect if not for their high S/T values. If you can ignore that or "explain it away" with riot shields or something, they become quite viable. Other choices include Inquisitorial Henchmen (Acolytes w/ Bolters, Crusaders as Suppression Teams, etc) and Astra Militarum Veteran Squads with Shotguns and Carapace Armour. (That last one can be quite good if you ignore how feeble their Shotguns are as they are still relatively cheap and require little investment as you can run them easily in an Allied Detachment with a Command Squad in Carapace or just a Lord Commissar or something, and you get access to useful stuff like Ogryns/Bullgryns, Sentinels, and various tanks that you can use to represent things Arbites might have (Hellhounds as riot suppression tanks, Leman Russ as some Arbites Precincts have been noted as having one or two for dire situations, etc).