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Lamont Cranston
25-06-2015, 06:23
My friend is just getting into 40k and after picking up the Chaos Daemons codex and the rulebook wants to do a Tzeentch themed army. As having never played with or against them I was wondering what advice you can offer to a new player picking that army up? Also are there must include units besides horrors? Finally I might try to incourage him to get some 1k Sons because I love those models and it seems to fit.

25-06-2015, 07:04
Well here is a link to a chaos daemons tactics. http://www.miniwargaming.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=175&t=108747

Heralds are really good for their points worth. With a tzeentch army it is usually played a summoning farm or a screamer death star.

Tzeentch psykers have access to powerful power through change and divination. Every power they choose can be awesome, except for tzeentch's firestorm.

Every tzeentch unit is pretty good, horrors are a bit risky as their a wild card. They can be super powerful but they can be also pathetic and useless.

Personally I would not a buy a new chaos daemons codex as tzeentch daemonkin is coming out soon. Telf ur friend that quick.

Snake Tortoise
25-06-2015, 10:32
Yea with rumours of tzeentch daemonkin coming out it would be best to be cautious until their codex is released. A couple of boxes of horrors, screamers and a herald on foot seems like a safe commitment because they're core units you can expect to be decent but won't come to too many points, so if they get new rules that are a bit underwhelming they aren't going to be make up a big proportion of a tzeentch daemonkin army.

A winged daemon prince wouldn't be a bad choice either. I can't imagine winged daemon princes with mark of tzeentch are going to become garbage over night, and it isn't an expensive kit. A fairly safe investment providing a playable army until the new tzeentch codex comes out could be:

Daemon prince (with wings)
3 boxes of horrors
Herald of tzeentch on foot
2 boxes of screamers

It would be enough to play some games in the mean time, but leaving plenty of space to expand the army when the new book is released and we have a better idea what an effective TDK army is going to be about

05-07-2015, 09:55
With a tzeentch army it is usually played a summoning farm or a screamer death star.

This is because their troops have always been so squishy. Tzeench has always been my favourite god but I could never field an army of them because neither of the options were my playstyle.

The new codex for them is dropping this year sometime, maybe as early as 5 weeks.

05-07-2015, 10:05
Wait for tzeench daemonkin. Ive iust started playing KDK and trust me they have.managed to make the army potent but fun.to play. If they can.do that for.khorne they can.do.it for tzeench

Hell's Angel
07-07-2015, 15:31
No need to wait. Buy A (1-2) DP (Wings), a Tzeentch sorcerer, 2-3 units of TS Marines, (3-6) Chaos Spawn, (Whatever Elite strikes your fancy *Decimator Daemon Engines/Chaos Contemptors w/Duel Butcher Cannons*) and 3 units of 3 Rapiers (Hades Autocannons.) Then buy whatever Daemons you would like 2-3 Lords of Change, 2-3 Heralds, Horrors, Flamers (<---- lots of these), and (6) Screamers of Tzeentch (<---For Summoning only). Until the Daemonkin comes out play a really good Summoning List (you will definately summon one unit per turn with Spell familiars, and have a chance to summon 2...) After it comes out mix and match for the win. Note:

Convert your Rapiers using Hades Autocannons, Guard tripods, and disks of tzeentch (because it's cool, and cheaper than forge world.) Ebay/Used *whatever city* will have what you need.