View Full Version : SM special character weapons

25-06-2015, 21:28

Has anyone else noticed that the special characters don't have the relics listed in their wargear section? Anyone causing problems with this?

25-06-2015, 22:26
See Datasheets explanation (page 114). Chapter Relics are now in separate box with description (13). Not listed anymore since Unit description and Unit stats and options are now on one Datasheet.

What bothers me is that Armour is no longer Wargear and Power Armour and Scout Armour don't exists anymore...

25-06-2015, 23:52
Power Armor and Carapace armor simply grant a 3+ and 4+ save respectively. No reason to add that to the rules section when a single 3+ or 4+ in the statline covers it just fine. Leave it to the fluff.
Artificer is an upgrade, and TDA has special rules, so those need to remain in the wargear section.