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26-06-2015, 18:20
Hey guys so i was browsing through the gw web store
Do you reckon i could get away with using csm.with the heads from the night lords upgrade kit as chosen?

26-06-2015, 18:26
there's no model outside of the DV kit, so you can use whatever it is you like!

26-06-2015, 18:29
excellent im.thinking of a 5 man squad with 4 plasma guns lol

Lord Damocles
26-06-2015, 20:37
As long as they're distinguishable from regular Chaos Marines (and reasonably representitive of the unit), do whatever.

27-06-2015, 08:01
Plenty of bling, trophies and particularly impressive weapons should help separate them from normal marines.

Try giving them particularly impressive poses by chopping up/repositioning their arms and give them lots of bits that you would ordinarily use for your aspiring champions (as this is essentially what a chosen is).

27-06-2015, 08:25
Im also considering using possessed as the base for chosen

27-06-2015, 09:43
I think this good be a good idea. If you have some spare raptor bits you have a good source of warp stressed ccws, bolt pistols and special weapons.

27-06-2015, 10:30
You don't even need to make them distinguishable, legally speaking. You can just say: 'these are my chosen, because I chose them. Deal with it, baby.'

That said: you bring shame on the Dark Gods by doing that, and the idea that Gods would ever notice such modest warriors is an offensive one to me.

27-06-2015, 15:00
After looking at GWs chosen figures there are a few things that mark them out

1) daemonic faces pushing through the armour. This is something you could free hand on using the normal shade/highlight colours of the armour.
2) spiny protrusions. The CSM kits have loads of horns, etc that could easily be chopped off and relocated onto knees, shoulders etc.
3) reversed colour scheme on helmets. The chosen models are normally painted with the trim colour for the face and the armour colour for the other details on the helmet
4) loin cloths. You can source these from the champion and rhino sprues for a chainmail look. For a simpler look you can use the CSM boltpistol holsters fabric (which handily would also provide you with the chosen's wyswig pistol).
5) Gold Galore! Lots of trim, paint anything that could be trim as trim. Maybe even freehand extra trim on to the tops of thighs, etc.
6) 80s shoulder pads with a vengeance. Give these guys the biggest shoulder pads you can find. The basic CSM and raptor kits both have a few pads that are big even for space marines.

27-06-2015, 15:50
I converted mine from the Possessed, Chaos Marine and Warp Talon/Raptor Kits. Then I added on the Cloaks from the Warriors of Chaos kit from Fantasy. They turned out really well.