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26-06-2015, 21:28
Hey all, I was recently given some gw vouchers that are only able to used in store.

The thing is that they expire on the 31st December so I'm un a bit if pickle. I want to use them to buy the nurgle daemonkin codex when it comes out but I'm not sure if it will come out this year. Can you guys who are more experienced with this sort of stuff tell me if you think the codex will be released before the end of the year.

Just as simple yes or no will suffice to stop this thread from being closed.


26-06-2015, 22:02
No I don't think so. I think the next demonkin was rumored in October and it wasn't nurgle. They will probably push Age of Sigmar after and maybe release an updated 40k codex like IG in November.

26-06-2015, 22:26
I use those to spend on things I wouldn't otherwise buy with my own cash.

27-06-2015, 00:29
No, I'd just get some nurgle stuff if you need it to build up before.

27-06-2015, 01:00
Sell em on eBay then put that money away, a small loss is better than a total one.

27-06-2015, 02:24
Odds are pretty good it will be fantasy all summer, the rumored DA vs daemonkin (Tz) after that, and a couple fill-in-the-blank things. Odds are pretty bad.

27-06-2015, 10:15

But who knows?

Lord Damocles
27-06-2015, 11:13
But who knows?

Asking people to just guess at something they have no idea about doesn't seem the best way to plan purchases.

But I vote 'no'. My totally uninformed opinion is that I doubt we'll even get a Codex: Nurgle Daemonkin.

Vector Strike
27-06-2015, 15:05
You can wait up to december 10th to buy stuff

29-06-2015, 14:59
Or just spend them on anything and then keep those boxes in a clean safe place.
Once the thing you want comes out, return previous purchase for an exchange and get your new models!

The UK has dropped the Gold Standard, and we can now work in the Minis Standard!

29-06-2015, 21:02
But who knows?

The Shadow Knows...