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26-06-2015, 23:22
So generally bikes are considered under costed by alot of people. Now im wondering why this is. Now yes it is true they can move extremely quickly but inin me experiance ive found them to be good.but.not.ott as some people suggest. Having finally converted one of my 6 bikes into a lord on bike is it something im missing why.bikers are considered so good or not?

26-06-2015, 23:47
Speed, extra toughness, relentless are just a few of my favorite things.

That and they saw a huge price point drop with 6th Edition to the point of almost "no-brainer" status.

27-06-2015, 00:25
Generally you don't pay a whole lot for their ability. They have massive speed, aren't slowed by terrain for assault or movement purposes. Relentless, generally bike squads can carry at least a couple special weapons to use either that relentless or the extra speed to good effect for most weapon choices, the grav guns alone gave people ample reason to run the cheap as chips bikes. The extra toughness, making them more resilient against small arms fire and harder to instakill. Finally, most come with a reliable main weapon twin linked ( marine bikers ) or can for Eldar take all heavy weapons ( Scatter Lasers for days #EldarMasterRace ) In the Eldars case both dark and craftworld they can fly over terrain and get extra movement in the assault phase. The craftworld eldar even gaining a magical increase to their armor to 3+. Not to mention all bikes can jink when shot at, for a 4+ cover save, also a nice trick to have.

Basically, they are no brainer cheap with all their upgrades and bonuses. That isn't to say there aren't reasons why you may wish regular infantry, but bikes are very good, for what you spend, the only real barrier is cost of the models.

Losing Command
27-06-2015, 06:26
It has to be said that, without hit-and-run, bikes do easily get bogged down in an assault and never get out anymore due to their smaller numbers. But it's especially compared to most (if not all) jump infanterythat bikes are far superior for just 3-5 more points.

27-06-2015, 06:38
Bikes aren't broadly considered REALLY underpriced I think; just a little.

...But it's especially compared to most (if not all) jump infanterythat bikes are far superior for just 3-5 more points.

I agree that the price of bikes is especially frustrating here. I don't think that Jump infantry are underpowered, per se, but are damaged by the rules that structure the game more than anything. The way bikes are priced, they can perform the tiny role that jump infantry can do, and better, while still doing more besides.

27-06-2015, 08:28
Il be honest i run both raptors and bikes in my csm lists
My problem with raptors is i like to use them with 2 meltas but as the csm codex has pratically no scatter.mitigation with the exception of the dimensional key its hard to get them to safely deepstrike in.

Freman Bloodglaive
27-06-2015, 08:47
Mobility, firepower concentration, resilience (up to a point).

They're an efficient choice, especially compared to the weak sauce that are Tactical Marines.

Snake Tortoise
28-06-2015, 11:53
Bikes are a good unit but there are some downsides, particularly to MSU shooty bike units like melta bikes. A unit of three has no ablative wounds; lose a single model and you lose either a melta gun or the unit leader who has melta bombs, then they risk running away (chaos bikes). Jink is a great special rule to have but force a bike unit to jink (with low AP shooting) and it becomes far less threatening the following turn.

Something should be done with the chaos codex to balance raptors and bikes, I have no idea what though because I wouldn't like to see the cost of bikes go back up and I don't think the cost of raptors can go down unless the cost of regular marines also go down (or regular CSM troops get some other kind of buff, which would be appealing)

28-06-2015, 13:28
I'm going to run a squad of 4 slaanesh bikes with icon of excess to FNP and slingshot Abaddon. We'll see how it goes. Should I give the champion any equipment or just rely on Abaddon to do the business in melee?