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28-06-2015, 02:09
Firstly can you charge a Unit in Soft Cover? - Recent game where a friend placed some scouts in a forest, I placed my Scouts to his flank which was clearly visible to me. We agreed that I was able to peform a Flank charge on his scouts.

I just wanted to find out what the rule was on soft cover and charging. Im thinking there may be a question over visibility and Line Of Sight to a unit in soft cover.
Cant seem to find anything in the Rule book on Charging in this situation (although I may have missed something).

Thanks for you time and advice.


28-06-2015, 05:30
Ok I am going to answer my own question here - after trawling through the 8th Ed Rule book. Hopefully those who may have had some queries on this rule will learn from my memory lapse. From the book with additonal info if others are interested.

Charging through or into Forests (soft cover):
Pg 119 Mysterious Forests: ‘Forests are Mysterious Terrain – As soon as a unit enters (deploys) into a forest – roll to determine what sort of forest is be’ Roll a D6 - 1 = Ordinary Forest,,,3 = Abyssal Wood – Unit in forest causes Fear etc. We haven’t been playing the Mysterious Forest rule,, guess we can discuss when we play next whether we want to play it. Certainly gives those pesky scouts from both sides something to think about. In addition the first who travels through the forest will probably set the type of forest that it is.
Yes you can charge through or into a forest, but you have to take a Dangerous Terrain test (this includes Chariots and Cavalry) Pg 119 Forests;
My Harpies should have taken a dangerous terrain test when they charged your scouts in the forest – ‘Models with the Flyer special rule that begin or end a flying move in a forest must take a Dangerous Terrain test” (pg 119);
You can also have close combat in a forest but the unit with most of its models in the forest is ‘Stubborn’ e.g your Scouts would have been stubborn;

Supporting attacks and Charge Reaction (Shooting) – for a Flank or Rear Charge:
Page 17: Stand and shoot reaction uses the rules for a normal shooting attack: A normal shooting attack is as per Pg39 CHECK THAT THE SHOOTER CAN SEE THE TARGET Pg 39) e.g The target must lay with in the forward arc = No Shooting reaction for Rear Charge, and depending on how wide the Flank Chargers base is you may only get one shot off as a shooting charge reaction for a Flank charge. Based on them being outside the forward arc. For the Harpy v Scout scenario we probably played it right as my Harpies were offset slightly so at least 2 guys would have gotten a shot off (but no supporting attacks are allowed for Flank and Rear charges – Page 48 Supporting Attacks – ‘Supporting attacks cannot be made to the side or the rear’. ‘Supporting attacks are made against models in base contact with the front rank model that is being fought through’.
Happy to close the thread... thanks for your attention.

28-06-2015, 06:57
Soft cover doesn't block line of sight, so wouldn't prevent a charge from being possible. Now if you models some soft cover that literally blocked all "true line of sight", then no charge can be declared because it's impossible to see their target.