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01-07-2015, 19:16
I started 15 years ago in 2000. I had been reading White Dwarf since 1998 after a friend introduced me and was in love with the hobby, but never got around to buying models. Then in 2000 Warmaster dropped and me, my friend and 3 other acquaintances took to the store. It looked like an exciting introduction and I liked the scale of it. It was my first taste of painting models at all and spending our days coped up in a small room painting together was magical. I can still remember how the room was saturated with the smell of the paint (and sometimes spray) and the terrible songs being played on the radio.

The rest is history, took up 40k a few years after and then (much too late) just 2 years ago got started with WHFB, which turned out to be my favorite system. Getting nostalgic here.

01-07-2015, 19:22
Heroquest! Usually a common start point for people in these threads :)

01-07-2015, 19:23
I played the lord of the rings SBG and one day I was one of those places that have lots of magazines and it had the White Dwarf with the free dwarf and goblin. I almost passed up on it but luckily I didn't, I wanted to check what it was about I guess.
Gradually got hooked in warhammer until falling in love with it head over heels.

01-07-2015, 19:24
I started with HeroQuest back in around 1990, when I was ten years old. A couple of years later, I got Battle Masters, which included a pamphlet with advertisements for these huge fantasy armies. I was blown away by the sheer number of models, the high quality paint jobs, and the amazing terrain. I especially liked the foot knights (Reiksguard Foot). Eventually, in 1994, I got Warhammer 4th edition, and Warhammer 40K 2nd edition one year later. I also got the other games during the 90's, such as Necromunda, Blood Bowl, and Warhammer Quest. Those were some good years for Games Workshop games. It makes me sad.

01-07-2015, 19:27
Hmm, a relative of mine had the 6th edition starter kit at home one time we were visiting, and I got to try painting them. I was instantly hooked. this is some 10-11 years ago I reckon. Immediately me and my brother rushed to save money to buy the same kit and paints. Still my favourite kit to this day.

01-07-2015, 19:29
I started with historicals when I was in middle school in 1989. I started with warhammer in the mid to late 90s.

01-07-2015, 19:33
For GW it was Heroquest 1989, then WD, then pretty much everything except Dark Future they produced. Prior to that though was Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf, and the obligatory Tolkien books.

01-07-2015, 20:04
Fighting Fantasy gamebooks in the mid 80s and then Rogue Trader and WHFB 3rd ed. then Heroquest, Spacehulk and so on through most GW stuff, Lots of BattleTech, a few card games and other tabletop games. Now mostly Kings of War, some of the other Mantic stuff but not deeply, x-wing, lots of board games.

Fantasy will always be my first love though and I still love to read through the old books like realm of chaos and the original warhammer armies. I've not played whfb since 7th though...it became too much of a chore to play casually sadly. I've not played 40k now for about 3 years.

Just Tony
01-07-2015, 20:32
When I was in high school a kid who moved in from Chicago gave me the Rogue Trader book and the contents of RTB-01. That started the hobby. Getting a bunch of High Elf monopose plastics in a package deal opened the door to fantasy.

Lars Porsenna
01-07-2015, 20:40
As a kid I very early on developed an interest in D&D. I also was always interested in buildng models and the like, so I soon discovered miniatures for gaming, mostly Ral Partha and Grenadier. Shortly after, my dad came home with a pack of Perry sculpt Norse Dwarfs...this was probably around 85 or 87 or so, and the game was on! I was tangenitally aware of wargaming since then, and many times picked up the current edition of WHFB, but could never really afford that much of a hit at once as a kid. So I kept buying minis here and there. It wasn't until college (around '94 or '95) that I started to have enough income to seriously delve into Warhammer, and so started with the High Elf Army book and a box of plastic HE spearmen/archers offered back then (IIRC $12.50 for 10 figures?), have been collecting ever since. Stuck with HE until 6, when I started collecting dwarfs, and DE and O&G in 7th. Also have a few figures for Chaos Daemons (mostly Tzeentch aligned), Wood Elfs, and Ogres. Not sure if I will ever finish these armies now, but I'm still picking up stuff here and there.


01-07-2015, 20:51
For me it was my friend Trevor who got me playing. First through Warhammer 40K 2nd edition, which had just came out (1993). Within a couple weeks he taught me how to play WFB too, 4th edition (which was also very new at the time).

01-07-2015, 21:19
Heroquest, Space Crusade. Then a long time of BattleTech. Friends started 40K, I noticed the similarity with the HQ and SC models. Got into it, too. In 2003 I started WFB with the then new Tomb Kings because that was the only WFB faction I liked at the time.

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01-07-2015, 23:15
Was casting and painting Karoliner as a kid, then transferred over to fantasy models with the RPG boom in the 80's. Didn't start any GW stuff until Mordheim and then WFB ten years ago. Nowadays I mainly paint historical minis.

Snake Tortoise
01-07-2015, 23:16
When a friend showed me his stuff and we started going along to the Sunday beginners' day every week. I have such fond memories of those times. It was 1999 and the 3rd edition of 40k, and in retrospect it seems like half of the time we were playing the game, the other half arguing with each other about who had the best codex and special characters. None of us knew much about how to play the game. I had the idea that some weapons allow armour saves, others don't, until a red shirt realised none of us knew how AP worked so he explained it properly (and very well, because it stuck). It was a revelation to find out terminators could get a save against krak missiles and battle cannons, and scouts could be torn to pieces by the humble heavy bolter

I've never forgotten the magic of first getting into the hobby, it always reminds me why I still play this game :)

01-07-2015, 23:26
One of my little brothers' friends played 40K, so they all started picking up space marines to play with. Didn't really know the rules, so they basically just pushed models around at Sunday mega battles at the GW store, and then tried to recreate those with floorhammer games at home.

The sci fi game never much appealed to me, but I was really into the fantasy setting. I picked up a few sets of Warriors of Chaos and started building up an army of them. Didn't really have anyone to play with, so I ended up mostly doing the Sunday mega battles as well. Ran much like a D&D game, where you pushed figures around and the manager acted like the game master, telling you what you needed on rolls to succeed, and inventing scenarios on the fly to make it fun for everyone. I quit for a few years, then came back in highschool when I met some new friends who also played. Took some breaks here and there, but I've basically been playing ever since.

Seeing Age of Sigmar now actually brings me right back to those early days. The rules remind me very much of the sort of "forge your own narrative" stuff that we did way back in 5th when I was first playing those games in the mall Games Workshop. I'm sure the rules were more complex than I was aware, but it was very much just about pushing my models around, rolling dice, and enjoying the heck out of it. That's the kind of game I think many people need to get into this hobby in general, especially at a young age. I just wanted to paint and assemble minis, and then have some rules to push them around.

Wouldn't keep me invested now, of course. But 12 year old me...I can see myself loving it. I just hope there's something more in there for the rest of us, or that there's some hidden complexity I'm not seeing.

02-07-2015, 01:11
Walked into a GW with my dad in 93, walked out with a box of plastic dwarfs. 22 years later I can't step around my apartment without finding plastic dwarfs.

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Time for a tidy up - what happens if you stand on a sharp bit?

02-07-2015, 03:23
I started in 97, i was 7, played Heroquest with my older brother and dad, then moved on to Warhammer Quest and Blood Bowl before grabbing my first ever Fantasy miniatures when i was 10, a blister pack of Wood Elf Wardancers the old awesome models before the style shift, followed by starting a Black Templars 40k army about a year later.

02-07-2015, 03:24
Time for a tidy up - what happens if you stand on a sharp bit?

I roll a D6

02-07-2015, 04:20
Ahh, this old question.

My first encounter with the tabletop hobby came when I was about 6. I had been taken out by my parents as they went grocery shopping, and after that was done we had stopped in the local toy store so I could marvel at all the stuff I wanted. On the way in I noticed an assortment of strange boxes with pictures of what looked like really cool-looking sci-fi things on them. I didn't know this at the time, but they were Warhammer 40,000 kits - from memory I can identify at least a few Eldar Vyper boxes, and some Space Marine kits, and possibly a White Dwarf. I thought they looked neat, but my parents instructed me that they weren't really for me, so after a few weeks of feverishly trying to replicate what I had seen with lego and beta-blocks, I eventually moved on to other things. My encounter with the mysterious boxes quickly became nothing more than a footnote, and the whole thing faded from memory....

... until 2 years later, when I was 8. I was once again with my parents on a grocery trip, and this time around afterwards I found myself looking at a shelf of computer games (at this time computer games had recently become my latest craze), and one particular one stuck out at me - Firewarrior, which had then recently been released. Intrigued, I picked up a copy of this game for a closer look. The artwork on the box featured a high-tech soldier with a cool looking helmet sitting on top of a pile of skulls. I thought that figure looked AWESOME, and imagined commanding a whole army of troops just like it. I noticed a tiny little Warhammer 40,000 logo above the title, but didn't think much of it at the time. Later in that same year a schoolyard aquaintence introduced my group of friends to something called 'Warhammer 40,000' and we immediately began to pick out which faction or character we wanted to be. He suggested for me something called 'Tau', then after I gave a confused look said "Firewarriors", and my memory immediately jumped back to that awesome artwork I had seen on the Firewarrior box, and I knew then that they were the ones for me.

Sometime later I visited a GW store conveniently near my optometrist at the time, had an introductory game with a small Firewarrior team against some Chaos Space Marines that went very well for me, picked up an XV15 stealthsuit blister and a paint set, and the rest is history.

Sometime in between all that I started to get the Lord of The Rings battle game magazines that had just started to be released at the time, which helped speed things along too.

However for much of my youth I was only interested in Science Fiction settings, not fantasy ones, so for a long long time Warhammer Fantasy remained this strange sort of other thing that I toyed with getting into from time to time, and admired from afar occasionally, but could never really get enough interest to really dive into. All that changed a couple of years ago however when a string of discoveries caused my interest in fantasy to skyrocket.

It started with getting into Urban Fantasy TV series, namely Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Angel and Supernatural. This didn't do an awful lot to trigger my interest in full Fantasy settings at first, but would become important later. The next major step was discovering Nightwish (to this day my favourite band of all time) and shortly afterwards symphonic metal in general. These two interests then combined to get me very interested in the at the time up-and-coming Diablo 3, which I then got for Christmas and had endless fun on shooting Daemons in the face with crossbows as a Daemon Hunter. At around this time the TV series Once Upon a Time started airing, and getting hooked on that got me interested in traditional high-fantasy settings, which in turn got me thinking back to Warhammer Fantasy.

This then plugged back into the fun I had had in Diablo 3 to produce the following train of thought: "Man this fantasy stuff is actually pretty badass! Hey Warhammer Fantasy is a fantasy setting right? I bet that would be an awesome thing to start up! Now I just need to pick a first army... you know the Daemon Hunters in Diablo 3 were pretty cool, maybe there's an army with that general look I can start with?"

After scouring the Warhammer Fantasy model ranges on the GW website, I eventually found just what I was looking for in the Wood Elf range, one of the ones I had admired from afar in the past. After brushing up on their basic background online I now knew that they were the Warhammer Fantasy army for me. So I had an all-new revitalised interest in fantasy, and had just found what was quickly becoming my favourite model range and faction. Now all I needed was a pretext, an excuse to start up with Warhammer Fantasy in addition to my ongoing 40k and Battlefleet Gothic projects. As if by fate, one of my friends independently picked up an interest in Warhammer Fantasy (she had seen a relative's collections) merely weeks later, and that was all the justification I needed. Said friend never actually followed trough with getting into Warhammer Fantasy, but by then I was already fully immersed with a fledgling Wood Elf army and accompanying background (packed full of symphonic metal references) well on the way.

02-07-2015, 04:35
Quote Originally Posted by The_Real_Chris View Post
Time for a tidy up - what happens if you stand on a sharp bit?

I roll a D6

I remember when we were playing on the bedroom floor and one of my friends walks into the room, barefoot, stops with his foot 2" or so, off the floor, with teeth clinched asks to have this thing removed, and shows us his foot with a bretonnians damsel, her sword a full 1" embedded into his foot. Thus was Lilith "The Slayer of Mikes" was born.

I remember getting started in high school. A long time friend of mine had a catalog from 1996 show the whole GW line. I was instantly in love with the Wood Elves and their waywatchers, as well as the High Elves and their White Lions. I even bought both rulebooks prior to buying any models, I was so at odds with myself over what models I wanted, but I did want models for sure. Three other friends and myself got started. Woodelves (me), Bretonnians (Started box), Skaven, and Undead (Yes no Vampire book yet). We would play battle on the bedroom floor, every battle was to the last man/elf/rat/skeleton standing. It was Warhammer 5th ed, so herohammer was crazy, but the heroic stories were even better.

There was a running joke (because it happened so much) that the Bretonnian general was really a vampire, because every time he charged my waywatchers(who had traps back then), he would trigger a trap that hit a random model in the front rank (old lance only had 1 model in front ranks and it was always the general) and he would be impaled with a huge stake through the chest. He died numerous times like that. The Bretonnian player's second army became vampire counts old enough.

02-07-2015, 11:35
I love reading all these stories. Gives me a warm fuzziness of nostalgia and happiness.

Or it could be the heatwave.

05-07-2015, 15:30
A friend of mine introduced me back in 94 via the 4:th edition box, we played a couple of games using the content in that box + a character for each army, after a while I was interested in getting my own army, I borrowed his bestiary to settle upon an army, saw this image:
http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a277/snyggejygge/74617750_1.jpg (http://s13.photobucket.com/user/snyggejygge/media/74617750_1.jpg.html) & I was hooked. When I also realised my Battle masters game where set in the same universe & I could salvage models from that game it was a no-brainer.

05-07-2015, 16:24
I started in 2000 as well. First picked up a Dark Eldar warriors kit and then got the 6th Edition Warhammer Starter Set for my birthday. 15 years on I have been on and off with GW, but I've been priced out for quite some time due to finances. I was finally about to jump back in as a hobbyist and enjoy the ride, but I don't know if I can do this.

05-07-2015, 19:01
I started playing a couple of Avalon Hill wargames in the 70s (mainly D-Day and Midway), and painting the occasional model (WWII aircraft or tanks... I wasn't very good at it). We had the old Sniper board game from SPI, and used 1/76 WWII plastic miniatures to play it. Then the year I graduated High School (1976) my best friend and I road-tripped to Michigan to visit his grandfather, and along the way we had a mooch in a model shop in Detroit. They sold some fantasy miniatures, which looked pretty cool, so I bought some (I think what I bought was mostly Hinchliffe and Ral Partha). I painted them (again, not particularly well) but didn't play with them much - I think at one point we did work on a very simplistic game, probably inspired by Sniper (that memory is fuzzy). Three years later, my best friend went to basic training in the summer as part of the ROTC program he was in, and some of the other guys there taught him how to play a weird new type of game called D&D. He came back, taught me, and we were hooked. I still think I only graduated from college the following year because I had left only a few classes with profs I liked for my senior year - all my spare time was spent playing D&D or preparing to play (including tracking down and painting more miniatures; there was a hobby shop in town that sold Grenadier figures).

Except for a few breaks when I have moved to a new town through the years, I have never stopped playing D&D.* I picked up my first Citadel figures and White Dwarfs c. 1980/1981, when in England working on my masters degree at Birmingham University (DUngeons and Starships - great store). Somewhere along the way I picked up an early version of Warhammer (Red box... three booklets inside as I remember) but never played it. Through the years, I have played a few games of WH** and of WH40K, but mainly my involvement with Citadel/GW has been buying and painting figures I like and Mordheim (we play a lot of Mordheim). I have been married a b it over 20 years now; fortunately, my wife loves miniatures and playing D&D, so that hasn't slowed collecting and playing down at all.


*Although we stuck with 3.5/Pathfinder rather than move to D&D 4.0, which was a completely different game that kept the same name.
**Most of my Warhammer games were played to augment a long chapter in our D&D campaign where the PCs were involved in a war - we had Mordheimized versions of the PCs and Warhammerized versions of the PCs; it worked very well, actually.

05-07-2015, 19:37
I was an avid gamer in college, playing magic, battletech and various rpg's. My college rpg group played warhammer fantasy and brought thier models one day, I became hooked.

05-07-2015, 19:53
40k space wolves after an intro huge game of 2nd ed at GW Milton Keynes (remember when they still did those?) then Blood Bowl, then fantasy undead (which got axed), then dogs of war (that got axed) then various 40k armies with some Battlefleet Gothic and Necromunda scattered inbetween.

Drakkar du Chaos
05-07-2015, 19:55
I don't remember how it started between me and Battle but i know how it ended.

05-07-2015, 20:02
Battlemasters. From there I quickly progressed to Man O'War, 40K (2nd ed), Blood Bowl, Space Marine and WFB (4th edition). Initially I only really bought figures for MOW, Blood Bowl, and a little later, 40K; I played the others a fair bit but only with friends' armies. The first edition of Warhammer I actually owend was 5th edition and and from there my spending really took off.

Commissar Vaughn
05-07-2015, 22:12
Towards the end of '96, (i'd have been 12) my brother and I went to our mates. he had some new toys- 16 plastic high elfs. He'd found this game- from another friend- and demonstrated how to push 8 elves around as though they were an army and roll dice. My Brother was instantly hooked and went and bought some more elfs with hs pocket money. I was less impressed- it seemed to me to be a fad, like pogs or top trumps that'd be all the rage for a fortnight and then just clutter bedrooms for years. ( I did wander if there was a napoleonic equivalent and discovered there was- but it seemed to involve the arcane art of mail order...) . And then I accompanied my brother to GW with parents in tow. He was after more woodelfs. I was still sceptical. Untill I saw what must then have been the brand new Bretonnians! Suddenly these silly games didnt just consist of pixies and improbable things that didnt exist, it had Knights and Archers which were Real! I bought a box of each, asked a total Noob question ( "do I have to paint them as they are on the box?") and off we went to try and paint them. Looking back, god they were awfully painted but I was hooked, and shortly after drew out some savings to buy the 5th ed boxed set. Soon, a mass of badly painted Knights and Archers were battling Elves and occasionally Lizardmen on an old under sized snooker table...it was EPIC!

My Brother and our friend no longer plays any aspect of the wargaming hobby. 19 years later I have mostly moved on to pastures historical, but still indulge in a spot of oldhammer when the opportunity presents. So much for being a fad eh?

216553 (whats left of my Bretonnians, possibly including some of those original Archers!)

06-07-2015, 02:00
4th edition, a friend had the starter set. the one with all the little identical goblins and elves. and the cardboard house (or was it a tower?). I bought enough dwarves to play, and then he bought some undead. I bought the 5th edition starter, but never put all the dudes together, because I liked my dwarves. We played way more necromunda than WFB or even 40k though. necromunda was great.

Khaines Wrath
06-07-2015, 02:14
I was big on Lotr when Fellowship came out at the movies and around that time there was a monthly magazine subscription which came with rules and miniatures for the Lotrsbg.

I didnt bother to learn the rules and just made my own games with them. Eventually I found White Dwarf and collected those for about 3 years before I actually bought a miniature. I started on 40k on my 15th birthday with about $300 worth of Tau and used any pocket money I had to add to it. Played that on and off again for a few years before getting rid of the lot and returning to the hobby with fantasy last year.

Tzar Boris
06-07-2015, 02:39
Hero Quest, then, on getting my first WD this little blighter -216567
And later this gathering of rogues tempted me away from countless RTB-01s and Defskull Orks (ah, that 41st allure) -

06-07-2015, 03:18
I started with HeroQuest back around 1991, when I was ten years old, which included a pamphlet with advertisements for these huge fantasy armies. A couple of years later, I got Battle Masters, I was blown away by the sheer number of models, the high quality paint jobs, and the amazing terrain. Eventually, in 1994, I got Warhammer 4th edition. I also got the other games during the 90's, such as Warhammer Quest. Those were some good years for Games Workshop games. I'm fortunate that Manchester NH has seen its share of great games stores, including Dakka Dakka in the millyard. But once I got my first copy of White Dwarf, it was a lifelong love. My friends and I all started fantasy armies in the 90s, and I couldn't believe that they had theirs painted and ready to play in a matter of weeks. I'm getting close to a full undead army now, and it has only taken me 25 years, lol.

I was also fortunate to find a great games store in Sacramento, Great Escape Games. That's usually the first thing I do when moving into a new neighborhood... check the retailer listings and visit the local GW seller!

Paraphrased and slightly altered from Philhelm, thanks for saving me a bunch of typing!

06-07-2015, 03:49
My youngest son attended a weekly class at a GW store, gaming thing when he was 10 or 11, came army home with a LOTR army and we played. We had played Pokemon cards and then MtG prior to that with my older son. Ultimately, we ended up buying all the books and most of the models as we played a lot of games (including my older son) and wanted variety. We then started playing with others at a GW store. With the advent of WOTR being so unbalanced, most of the LOTR community in our area collapsed and we switched to WHFB in mid-7th edition (evolving to regularly attending Indy GTs for about 5+ years).

06-07-2015, 04:46
benvoliothefirst: "That's usually the first thing I do when moving into a new neighborhood... check the retailer listings and visit the local GW seller!"

Used to be any town I visited I checked the phone directory for hobby stores and second-hand bookstores. These days I don't always check for bookstores (as the internet has made tracking down OOP books much easier) but I still check for hobby stores because nothing beats mooching through the crowded isles of a really good independent gaming/hobby store, looking through the eclectic collection for treasures.


Shards of Basalt
06-07-2015, 04:51
Citadel Trading Cards, Talisman (with the plastic minis) and after that the rest is pretty much history.

06-07-2015, 10:37
I found some books about wargaming in the library when I was a kid, my folks took me to a wargaming convention and I bought a copy of WRG's rules and a few 1/300th Soviets and W Germans to stage little Cold War gone hot battles. A few older kids at my club used to play Warhammer (probably about 2nd or 3rd Ed?) and Rogue Trader, but I never really joined in much. Always liked the look of the game though.
I picked up Warhammer when my housemate left a copy of the rulebook lying around and I read it. Went and bought the latest starter box (5th Ed) and flogged all the Brets to a guy at the club. Played loads of 5th and 6th Ed, but life happened and I spent several years away from wargaming in general. Back with a vengeance now, but not really playing a lot of Warhammer as 8th is a bit odd IMO, and have been playing a lot of Dark Age and WW2 games.

06-07-2015, 10:44
Started with Heroquest when I was 5, then Battle Masters. In 1994 I got the 4-page catalogue from GW Portsmouth and pestered my parents til they got me the 40K 2nd Edition box for Christmas. Since them, I've accumulated a fair amount of Ultramarines and Fantasy armies and dabbled in Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Dreadfleet and Space Hulk, also Battletech and lately X-Wing. Even if Age of Sigmar is terrible, I will keep playing my fantasy armies with WHFB CE and Kings of War rules and keep the spirit of GW' heyday going.

06-07-2015, 11:05
Game/toy soldier wise:
My brother always had me playing with toy soldiers as a child. Occasionally we'd get games loosely following this theme for Christmas (such as crossbows and catapults). We also played board games and snes games against each other.

We' make farm yard dioramas from a young age. We also cast models from plaster of paris and painted these. For Christmas we'd occasionally get an airfix plane model.

One day I had a show and tell at school. One boy bought in these awesome toys. I told my mother and she worked out they were warhammer figures from games workshop. We had a store in town so me and my brother went there. We got started with a box of 5 orc swordsmen, 5 orc archers and a box of 10 dwarfs. We also got a paint set for each race.

My parents thought the 4th ed starter box was too expensive, so we phoned mail order and got just a rulebook (even though they probably weren't really meant to be sold separately).

We got a few more miniatures (and our army books) over time, and when the 5th ed box set (brets vs lizardmen) came out we managed to convince our parents to get it as a joint Christmas present.

We collected a couple of armies through 5th, but stopped keeping up with the new releases when 6th ed came out straight after the vampire counts book was released (didn't see the point of a new edition as we had everything we wanted).

06-07-2015, 11:10
Hero Quest in the early years of the 90's. Had seen a few of the old 1st edition space marine models around and thought they were cool. It was upon starting secondary school that a group emerged where GW became a trend, a few of us stayed on when the trend died. First purchase was 4th edition fantasy, like many others. It was an incredible box set, so much fluff, rules, models. Quality. Started a High Elf army and got to around 1000 points (plus Tyrion and Teclis nat ;) ) before going for Undead, absolutely love aesthetic of 4th undead and even seeing pics of them now makes me feel a bit weepy. From there mid 90's Games Days, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, 40k second, armies getting there first ever army book or codex with the new model releases that came with it. Salad days.

Dark Elf
06-07-2015, 14:07
Well as a really young kid I played with plastic toy soldiers such as these (http://www.funcarnival.com/images/full/00320.jpg).
I think I was 9 when I bought my first aeroplane model. It was revells F-15 thought I can't remember the scale (either 1:72 or 144). It's badly painted, badly assembled and I love it to bits and still have it today :D !

At that point I was trying to buy as many revells models I could (bloody plastic crack from young age), but it's only later that I will discover WHFB. A friend of mine showed me his first figure! A metal wight (It was this model (http://thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mw7l0sP6r5F1RLIEAr33XHA.jpg)) I never saw anything similar before! So I started asking him more about it. He mentioned the rules (RULES! such a revolution, when we played with those army men it was just shouting bang bang bang and agreeing who was hit), that the models are supposed to be painted (yes! finally! no more of just green/sand yellow/yellow color!), all the various races and so on and on.

I was in love, it sounded so perfect! But we didn't start it right away. We were aware that it required an amount of cash that a 10-11 year old kid living in a demolished country (special thanks to idiots who made it that way) could not muster in a reasonable time. It was just too expensive for us. And we would've dropped it were it not for the LoTR movies. They completely hooked us into fantasy setting. After those movies it was a snowball effect. My brother joined, my best mate too and another mate. We got the books, and started reading. After going through the DE armybook for the 1st time I decided to take Black Guard as my first unit and the rest is history.

Soon it will be 12 or 13 years since we started. But who counts when time flies? I met a lot of people thanks to WHFB, many of which are my good or best friends today. I had to expand my knowledge of English so that I could better understand the rules and so on.

It saddens me to see this game executed for no good reason. I'm aware that it wasn't perfect. But it didn't need or deserve a guillotine because of a company being too damn greedy. It could've been fixed rather easily and the interest reinvigorated. But that is an entirely different topic.

06-07-2015, 16:56
I played HeroQuest at a buddy's house when I was really young, but I had no idea it was a GW game. I didn't honestly get started in WHF until a bunch of friends roped me in when 8th edition launched. I originally thought it would play like AoS - i hadn't played any wargames before so it was a bit jarring when I realized I had to buy like a billion elves and treedudes to have an army that could play, but I figured I was in for a penny, in for a pound at that point, so I stuck with it. Then I realized my elves and treedudes were incapably weak, which was also a shame, but I kepl playing anyway because modeling is fun and my army looked sweet even if it didn't win many games.

Never got to play with the cool super codex a the tail end of 8th edition, but I'm looking forward to fielding them in AoS someday! I don't mind the change in gameplay because, well, I kind of wanted a game more like it, I think. I had no 15-year investment, so I'm sure that affects my perspective. I enjoyed WHFB once I got the hang of things (my club back in the states was really helpful and supportive and taught me the ropes :D) but I have no real attachments to it as a system, and I'm happy to play a new system with the models I like.