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Freak Ona Leash
04-07-2006, 14:40
I am definitly going to do thi list. nope, definitly not going to forget about it like my Sacred host of Chotec or my Albion BoC army or my Dwarf Pirate army...you get the idea. ;)

Red Host of Tehenhauin-2000 points.


Tehenhauin, Prophet of Sotek. 350 points.

Poqenichi, Bearer of Sotek's Icon: Red Crest Skink Chief, Sacred spawning of Sotek, Totem of Prophecy, Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armor. 172 points.(Goes with unit of 30 skinks.)

Lotl, Blessed of Sotek: Saurus Scar Veteran, Spawning of Sotek, Spawning of Itzl, Cold One. Great weapon, Light Armor. 139 points.

24 Red Crested Skinks, Full Command, Skavenpelt Banner. 210 points.

28 Red Crested Skinks, Full Command. 218 points.

10 Skink Skirmishers, Blowpipes, Scout, Sacred spawning of Sotek. 80 points

10 Skink Skirmishers, blowpipes, Sacred spawning of Sotek. 70 points

3 Jungle Swarms- 180 points.

3 Kroxigor- 174 points

5 Saurus Cold One riders- 175 points.

Engine of the gods- 215 points

I think my list is reasonably solid. Its fairly fast, everything has a movement of 6 or over. Tehenhauin, with the Lore Of Beasts can rally my troops(with several units of LD 5 Skinks, even with using his LD of 8 and Cold-blooded, they will most likely flee if they lose) or be a Combat monster with Bears Anger (7 S6 attacks on charge along with his D6 poision attacks with 4+ ward save and T4. Or, 4 S5 attacks on charge with Killing blow and T3. not bad for a jumped-up Newt...) or act as a mini Huanchis Banner with the Wolf Hunts. And with three Fear-causers and one Terror-causer, a frenzied unit and the rest of my units using Poisoned attacks I think i have a hard-hitting list. I will have problems with Heavy cav lists or undead lists though I think. Critique at will.

EDIT: Swarms were messed up, had to fix that...