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04-07-2006, 15:59
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this is my "Sacred host of Hexotl" army.

most of you probably never heard of the sacred host of hexotl, but it is rules writen in mazdamundis rules.

since it is illegal to post rules here, i give a summary of that rule.

Sacred host of hexotl:
*mazdamundi must be in the army, he is both gen and BSB
*temple guard are 2+ (and a change to the sacred duty rule)

note: i can't get more saurus warriors and skinks, it is all the models i have of them, so don't suggest me to get more.

Freak Ona Leash
04-07-2006, 16:21
I have no idea what you are using a 10k point list for but here it goes. It seems overwrought with high expense models, Lord Kroak, the FW Dragon(Dragon in a Lizardman army?), Mazdamundi etc. Lowish model count for a 10,000 point army. The large amount of Temple Guard is something I'd advise against too, based simply on thier low speed and high threat level. They will either never see combat, in which case you dont need so many just to guard Kroak or the enemy will send over-whelming force ot them, in which case Kroak dies and you pretty much lose the game.

04-07-2006, 19:09
well, i was thinking of putting kroak and the slann (and their two guardian units) in the rear of the army (with salamanders in front) so they won't get into much cc (but i gave kroaks guards the jaguar banna, well, because i always use kroak in 2k(i have never lost a 2kpts battle with kroak) battles (with a unit of 16 saurus spear-men), and he often gets charged, but, he always wins. once, a 10+ man unit of empire knights charged them into the flank, the unit was lead by remade 5ed>6ed rules for magnus of poius (sp), they fought a round, magnus and his knights fled, but kroak and his men overrun and made chich-kebab of them.

an other battle (i had only kroak and 16 men left), i got charged by a giant in the front and 6 trolls in the flank, i killed the giant and overrun the trolls. (then fanatics started to attack them), in the end, i only had kroak and 3 sauruses left, but it was a draw (i was leading with 100pts). so i decided to give him that banner, because he often pursues (and the banner is good in that way).

how ever, maz will lead from the front (he is a cc monster!) he will be surrounded by 2 stegs, and 3 TG units. the sauruses takes flanks, with skinks in front, Jaguar Doom will run 'n kill, the carnie trio will run around and scare units, and kill them. the 2 skinks will fly around for LoS (rumours it will be required for CoC and other heaven spells). the assassin (BH+PB) will try to kill a high pts lord. the chameleons will try to kill big spellcasters (lore of shadows is high priority in 7ed), while the dragon will fly around and play terrorist.

my army will strike hard,

(this sounds best with an "old-Chinese-smart-guy"-accent)
fast water dropping on stone makes hole,
slow volcanoes melt stone instant.

my army will be like a volcano, it takes a while before it strikes, but when it does, there is no salvation.