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03-07-2015, 02:13
I wonder if most of the realms are homogeneous. We know that Sigmar's realm contains a few different races but is, say, the Realm of Death solely inhabited by the undead, or might there be other races that eke out an existence there? Imagine different factions of humans, each influenced by the different realms in which they reside. The mortal Chaos marauders and warriors must come from somewhere, after all. Perhaps there is a Sylvanian (or Ravenloft) style culture that lives within the Realm of Death. The people could become necromancers, witch hunters, grave robbers, etc. In the Realm of Beasts, perhaps the humans are more tribal and feral, and so on. As much apprehension I have about the fluff so far, there could at least be some potential there I suppose.

I hope this is the case, and it isn't just a matter of the different factions residing on their own worlds, as that would be lame.

03-07-2015, 06:59
Monoculture ftw! So will we be keeping the original moniker and call the world Bubblehammer? Or will it be more fitting with Skylanderhammer or Star Warshammer?

I'm liking Bubblehammer. Someone give that runourmonger a beer.

03-07-2015, 07:15
I hope so, at least for the majority . It's reasonable to assume that only undead live on the plane of death due to environmental issues ( although ravemloft style is obviously possible too )

Maybe think planescape ( not that I expect the warhammer realms to be as focused as the various elemental planes) various stuff lived on as many planes as the writers could think of :)

03-07-2015, 08:01
Well if no human live on the Death plane then where do vampires find the blood they need to survive? A trip to another dimension every few days just to feed would be like living in Europe and have to go to the supermarket to Asia... It would be silly and very poorly thought! I vote for a Ravenloft style dimension!

Spiney Norman
03-07-2015, 10:54
I'm actually really interested to see what they come up with the for the different realms, is it fair to assume that the incarnate for each lore of magic rules over that particular realm, so Nagash rules death, Alarielle rules life, Malekith rules shadow etc

I guess that means the Destruction faction will be at least partly based in the realm of beasts (Grimgor was the beast incarnate iirc). The Aelf race would seem to be disproportionally spread out since they technically have three incarnates (and thus control three whole realms?)

Col. Tartleton
03-07-2015, 14:49
On the plus side if they're not cohabiting bros the Dark Elves and High Elves can still be haters. "Eternal King Malekith says its your fault the world blew up." "Phoenix King Tyrion says your master is a scoundrel and a malicious liar." "Everqueen Alarielle says they are both stupid children and are the reason the world blew up."

03-07-2015, 15:20
Wasn't all the realms except for the Celstial one supposed to be overrun by Chaos ? I suppose however that the corresponding incarnates-gods like Nagash are probably still there and organising a form of resistance, but this might give reasons for some of them to be outside their "natural habitat", I would not be suprised for exemple if Tyrion and Alarielle were together in one of their realms with the other one totally occupied for now (or maybe going from one to the other depending on the situation)