View Full Version : The Big Rename - Meet the Orruks and Ogors

04-07-2015, 13:07
Ok, we already knew that GW was crazy about renaming stuff to protect their IP...

but if you look at how races are grouped on their web store, it becomes obvious, that they are about to silly-rename most of their races...

Aelf instead of Elf
Orruk instead of Orc
Grot instead of Goblin
Ogor instead of Ogre
Duardin instead of Dwarf
Troggoth instead of Troll
Sylvaneth instead of Forest Spirit
Seraphon instead of Lizardmen

Omg, I'm sorry to add another thread of negativity towards all the others but this... is... really dumb

Ogor instead of Ogre? Aelf? Really? Come on...

Did you expect this? Are you at least a little surprised they went that far? Does it bother you?

04-07-2015, 13:21
It has been part of GW policy to make up custom names for their range instead of using generic ones (ex. Imperial Guard => Astra Militarum).

I see how GW thinks this will help: when someone searches on google for GW products or asks in the store, they´ll use their custom names instead of the generic ones. There is less chance of someone looking for "Orruks" to go buy mantic orcs instead because they´re cheaper. Specially if Orruks now have 4 eyes or something else to stand out from a basic orc.

The downside if of course why you dislike the new names: they are less familiar to you, and they are still based on classic fantasy concept (an orc doesn´t stop being one just because a name change). However all this GW will have weighted and decided that in the long term it will be good for them to be able to copyright their race names instead of using generic ones. And i agree with that, to new players the names will make sense and have no attachment problems, and the vets who keep playing will get use to it eventually.

I also don´t like the new names in general, buy why weren´t Skaven called Ratmen? Because Skaven sounds better and is less generic, but nobody has a problem with Skaven because it has been used for years. That´s my point, if you play newhammer you will get used to the names.

04-07-2015, 13:55
Yeah, I can see why they did it and how they might think it will help them a great deal, that much is obvious.

I'm just not ever going to call my Dwarfs Duardin and my Orcs Orruks, just because they want to fool google search.

The problem with the re-naming is, that their strategy behind it is so obvious and appalling, that it only causes my resentment. They didn't call them Aelfs because it sounded cooler, like maybe Skaven, they just did it so that no one can advertise "aelf models". Honestly, do they really think that people are not smart enough to search for elfs instead?
I was rather pissed, when they got rid of all the German unit names, replaced them with English versions and ended up with a horrible german-english mix in the army books, so this just adds to my "semantic-salesman-grudge".

04-07-2015, 15:26
"Aelf" (Ælf) is just the old Anglo-Saxon spelling of "elf", so not particularly silly and certainly not made up by GW. Some of the other names, on the other hand...

Pink Horror
05-07-2015, 00:06
They're not quite renamed yet, right? From the Orcs & Goblins compendium, I can have a unit of Goblins, armed with Goblin Bows, who happen to have the Grot keyword. They didn't ditch the old names, though it does look like they're heading that way.

Lord Dan
05-07-2015, 00:19
"Duardin" on its own is actually quite commendable as a name for a fantasy race. Then they slapped "Steamhead" to the front...

Moreover, I can't pronounce "Ogor" without hyper-enunciating the second half, as though it were spelled: "Oh-GORE". This wouldn't be so bad if they were inventing a new word ("Duardin" would be fine pronounced as either "DWAR-din" or "Dwar-DEEN"), however because "ogre" is already established in the English language I simply sound like I have a speech impediment.