View Full Version : Any suggestions on how to "8th Proof" Battlescribe for years to come?

04-07-2015, 19:30
So our group recently discovered the joys of Battlescribe. Great software, really speeds up army selection. We've just started to explore it's uses. We're also older gamers and not interested in AoS or future WHFB versions even if they ever choose to make them. Just want to save all our 8th books and accessories and play blissfully into retirement.

But with AoS coming on the scene, we're wondering if all those great Battlescribe files for the 8th armies will eventually disappear and not be updated to stay current and usable with each new version of Battlescribe. I'm sure for the next year or two, there will be enough die-hard 8th players to keep the army files current with each update to the software. But relying on this doesn't seem to be a great long-term strategy. We thought about just downloading all the army files we like and just keep using the old software. That is until the various iOS, Windows, Android, etc updates makes using the old Battlescribe version impossible. And that could be in months.

Has anyone else who regularly uses Battlescribe, and plans to play with 8th for a long time thought of a solution to this?

Thanks for any tips.

04-07-2015, 22:41
It might be worth speaking to the chap who runs it. The Battlescribe main site has a forum you can use. The gentleman you need to speak to is called Jon. Whilst he doesn't host any of the files he can probably let you know about potential update issues. From my (very limited) understanding of the software I doubt the 8th edition files will be rendered incompatible by updates, but they might eventually disappear so keeping a copy somewhere is probably a good idea.

The whole point of Battlescrie is you can create your own files, so even if there is an issue you could recreate things from scratch. It's really easy; even I can do it and I'm an idiot when it comes to computers. :)

Spiney Norman
04-07-2015, 22:45
I doubt the Battle scribe files will disappear like that, and even if they do once you have them on your device they should stay there unless you choose to delete them.

It should be pretty obvious by now, it's going to be impossible to create any kind of army building software for AoS because it's simply not needed.

05-07-2015, 00:21
Don't you download the file? So it would never update unless you updated it yourself.

05-07-2015, 03:53
Don't you download the file? So it would never update unless you updated it yourself.

Yes, that's correct. The data file would stay the same. But the Battlescribe application gets updated regularly, and data files have to be updated to be compatible with the newest version of the app. But from the other posts, sounds like it isn't hard to manipulate the data files myself. Guess it makes sense I'll have to roll up my sleeves and learn to edit Battlescribe data files if I want to play Oldhammer 2.0 and use the latest versions of software down the road.

Also sounds like I should probably pose this question to the developer directly.

Thanks for the suggestions.

05-07-2015, 04:10
Ah. Yeah i forgot you would be using it for other armies so would need to update the main app.