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05-07-2015, 05:27
Suggestion balancing.
- count the wounds NOT models for purpose of point cost (small game 50 -100 wounds, mid game 200 wounds, etc).
- you may make limit to wounds (say 200 wounds games) and for purpose sudden death, you can put less than this to give sudden death advantage.
- limit warscrolls depend on max wound limit , 100 wound games limited to 5 scrolls, 200 wounds to 10 scrolls, 300 wounds to 15 scrolls.
- If may, you also can give minimum fielding limit, say in a 100 wounds games you must at least bring 50 wounds worth models.
- name character limit to only ONE (you cannot bring 3 nagash)
- name character cost always DOUBLE their wound worth cost EX Nagash count as 32 wounds
- no more than 50 % wound worth models on deployment may be spend on hero
- no more than 25 % wound worth models on deployment may be spend on warmachine
- no more than 25 % wound worth models on deployment may be spend on monster.

- allow pre-measure
- summoned models MAY NOT DO ANYTHING in that turn
- even modified, a roll of 1 always fail on roll to hit, roll to wound and roll to save, a roll of 6 always success on roll to hit, roll to wound and roll to save (Unless their stats is '-' which is always fail)
- limit turn to 6th turn
- you CAN'T use weapons with range more than 3" in close combat range (within 3").
- sudden objective where you choose to kill wizard, priest and monster. Your opponent may not select models with more than 12 wounds.
- in the course of the games, ALWAYS COUNT total number of wound model you suffered (fled model count all wounds) .
- at the end of 6th turn, if one player is not massacred. calculate the wound you suffered. If the wound you suffer are MORE than the beginning wound you have , ex you begin with 88 wounds, you suffer for the course of the games of 111 wounds (if they play summon or healing), you automatically lose unless your opponent suffer the same thing in which case it is a DRAW. If not compare the the difference with starting wounds, say you begin 88 wounds, you suffer 50 wounds so 33 wounds are left, and then divide by 88 wounds times by 100 so percentage 'left' are 37.5 % and compare to your opponent with same calculation say he is 68 %. The player with highest percentage are the winner however if the difference is just 25% or below, it's a DRAW, if 26 % - 50 % difference it's MINOR VICTORY while more than 50 % is MAJOR VICTORY!
- All 'comedic' rules allowed, so long you can achieve it.

05-07-2015, 05:33
GW doesn't do plebian things like "listening to feedback" so it's a waste of time to do this for the purpose of hoping they'll change something. You can do it to improve your personal experience playing the game, but the only type of feedback they care about is sales and if you give them a sale then they will consider it mission accomplished. Enjoy your jewel-like objects of wonder and remember: if anybody ever does something you subjectively disagree with in a game lacking clearly defined rules or balancing mechanics, then they are bad people who deserve a (final) solution.