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05-07-2015, 16:49
My advises after trying things out:

-The first, most important rule: unless you want to play a scenario purposely unbalanced, represeting a small force trying to obtain a specific objective, never use sudden death rules. Sudden death is just there for people who know crap about war-games. As a veteran, NEVER (except for scenarios purposes) use it.

-So, after that, you have to balance things out without using an in-game mechanic, but (as usual) an army building system. These are my advises following a two step system:

-System should be aimed at determining relative power of each army based on its units. To do that, you have to follow two steps: determining composition of armies in the scenario you are playing, this is done through pre-determination of types of scrolls you can use; and, after that, relative power of the scrolls.

-Scroll composition part:

-get to agree on number of scrolls and classes of each that you battle allows (like: Max 12 scrolls, 3+ units, 0-3 heroes, 0-2 monsters and war machines). Treat this as your FOC for the battle

-Hard part: the determination of relative power of armies. There is no simple value (i.e. points) system in this game so far, so you have to use "proxies".
-Proxies we have available are: number of wounds per scroll; type of scroll; elite (iron breakers) vs. core scrolls (clan warriors); 8th edition points.
- Use wounds and not models as main proxy for balance. Models are no relevant proxy
-count wounds for each type of scroll. Example: a bloodthirster is like 3 normal dwarf heroes
-regarding units, classify unit scrolls between core and elite. No one side should out-elite the other (meaning more wounds on elites). For instance: 15 wounds of clan warrior are gonna die easily to 15 wounds of blight kings, but the same cannot be said if you compare IB or IDs to Blightkings.
-In the case of bad units (like goblins) against clearly better units with equal wounds and also core (like WoC), use 8th edition points to proxy.
-finally make your army list alone, secretly, but make a final cross-check with your oponents. If you agree that one side seems more powerful than the other, agree on a few aditional scrolls for that less powerful side.

05-07-2015, 16:53
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