View Full Version : Drawing inspiration from AOS for 8th?

06-07-2015, 10:04
As opposed to so many on here I am actually liking what im seeing on the Warscrolls after a brief glance. I actually think it's awesome that Games Workshop has put out all these rules for free.

Modified 8th Edition (aka Chillhammer) however is my game of choice. This is my favorite mass battle ruleset. AOS at present could never replace this due to its different mechanics.

It is however likely that my group will consider utilizing some of the special rules on Warscrolls to modify 8th Edition Chillhammer units (like Thorek Ironbrow and some monsters for example)

I will certainly be using the Stormcast Eternal warscrolls as my basis for bringing the Sigmarine faction into 8th/Chillhammer.

For the people who plan on sticking with 8th with house rules do you feel like anything of use can be taken from the Warscrolls?

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06-07-2015, 10:46
That monsters gets depleted when they lose some wounds. :)