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06-07-2015, 12:50
Yesterday we tried AoS. The combination of shooting and line of sight rules mean that ranged units are ridiculously powerful. Being able to shoot in and out of combats as well as only needing LoS to ANY part of the model led to the following situatons:

1. Bret archers shooting at skeleton warriors on the other side of a hill because the tips of their bows could see the tips of their spears. "It's not a bow, it's a periscope!"

2. Dwarf thunderers (and freaking CANNONS) shooting at black knights in combat with dwarf warriors right in front of them (because you can see them on the other side). So you can fire through your own guys, who are perfectly safe.

3. Bret archers in combat with a terrorgheist ignoring the huge monster right in front of them to shoot a unit of graveguard in combat with knights off to their right. Behind a hill. But they can see the weapon tips, so it must be ok. Oh, and they still get to hit at the terrorgheist in combat phase. WTF?!?

None of us really had much fun. Well, the company was fine, but we all felt the game was pretty much unplayable as it stood. We hoped we'd got the rules wrong, but reading through the rules forum, seems we played it right. :(

This afternoon we try our first game of Kings of War....

06-07-2015, 13:16
Yep. I called that as soon as I saw the rules and it was confirmed when we saw the battlescrolls. Basically you have to do GWs job for them and stop allowing shooting units to shoot into combat or out of combat. That at least stops some of this madness. I mean not every peasant with a bow is Legolas.

06-07-2015, 13:18
I find it puzzling that Empire Pistoliers have a 9" shooting attack, and in melee they have that shooting attack + the same attack again, but now only with a 1" range. Did the writer perhaps not know that they can shoot in melee?