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07-07-2015, 08:37
Single models are king for deployment.
Deploying first is a massive disadvantage because you are at a numerical advantage.

Deploying 2nd is best because you are at a numerical disadvantage and can trigger sudden death prematurely.

Take a single carrion/tomb swarm model as your first drop. Why? Balance. Or something reminiscent of balance kinda... You don't even have to deploy the carrion model to take it just say it. What this does is keep people from going overload with flushing the table with models before the game begins. It makes each opponent Not go over 33% otherwise its a auto loss for them with sudden death endure.

You kinda have to deploy your characters, warmachines, and monsters first (single drops first). I know this is counter to what we are use too but dropping 10 man units early is WAY too dangerous as it can trigger sudden death. You want to lead with your small units and drop your large units last.

I started doing the calculations but its essentially kinda never safe to drop a 10 man unit with out triggering sudden death at least early in the deployment phases. Very large games sure. The first person to take a 10 man unit is trusting that the opponent won't trigger sudden death and that he won't douche it up and start taking monsters for your 10 man unit. Bah Waac players will screw this up.

the deployment phase/game has turned into tit for tat. Which is semi interesting as it persists in nature constantly.

If there every "is" competitive play with this I suspect it will be a lot of warmachines/ or tools that can counter 10 monster drops. Warmachines are single drops so maybe this isn't a bad idea. You probably just need to kill 2 or 3 monsters per turn. The longer you can stay with single drops the better you are at in instant triggering sudden death.

If you deploy 2nd try to keep your numerical disadvantage. Put down a lot of
single drops, this will limit or keep the player that deployed first from being a douche.

Man the deployment phase is crazy complex if you think on it. I know I didn't cover everything Bah. Somethin to chew on I guess.