View Full Version : AoS - poor old favourites

07-07-2015, 10:35
I don't want this to be another moan thread (I enjoy the game) but I have noticed that while most and nearly all units seem good and for the most part better than they were, some units didn't get beefed up with the same brush.

I'm looking in particular at my greater daemons. Why do LoC, GuO and Keepers all have so low wounds compared to other monsters? A hydra could well take down any greater daemon now. Dragons are far, far better than them.

They're good... They're just not enough to strike fear into opponents anymore. Not like they used to.

Are any of your favourite units lagging behind their peers?

speshul dwarf
07-07-2015, 10:40
There have been a lot of threads like this clogging up the rumour forum in the last 24 hour that would probably be better suited to general.

If anything, the dwarf list only made all my favourite units (hw and shield longbeards, Lords/Thanes withoutshieldbearers, miners, master engineers) better and Empire pistoliers (my favourite unit of all time bar winged lancers) are now ace, I feel your pain though!

EDIT: In the case of Greater Daemons not belonging to Khorne, you're only looking at a temporary setback - assuming they all get new plastic kits like the Bloodthirster, you'll eventually be looking at three different 15 wound profiles a piece to choose from! ;)