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07-07-2015, 10:39
Someone more than me who thinks that AoS should get its own subforum like all the other GW games?

My reasons:
First off is that its not Warhammer Fantasy since it clearly says Age of Sigmar on the box and nothing about fantasy. Sure there are rules for the fantasy armies, you can use your fantasy models and there is some connection fluffwise but that is as much true for atleast Mordheim(and maybe some other game I dont know of) and I never heard anyone say that Mordheim is the same as another Fantasy edition.

AoS should be viewed as an independent game based on Fantasy fluff and you may or may not like it. The biggest reason as to why most people seem to hate it seems to be that it is such a huge dissappointment viewed as a new "edition" of fantasy. Warhammer Fantasy might be dead in the eyes of GW but that doesnt meen that AoS naturally should be taken as continuation of the former. I know that it might seem futile to argue for this point when GW claims it is a continuation
of Fantasy but face it, the only reason they would want you to think that is to make people feel that they have something invested in the game and therefore be more inclined to buy in to it.

Warhammer fantasy might go on or die out on its own but that happens when the community stops playing and that shouldn't be just because a company tells it to in favour of a completely different game. There are people working to make Fantasy a living and evolving game as we speak and I'm sure there are companies who gladly will support the game by making suitable models and so on.

So let AoS and Fantasy have their own spaces and live on their own merit and see what time brings.

07-07-2015, 10:51
The only place discussion of a new sub-forum for AoS is permitted is this thread: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?410786-Age-of-sigmar-subforum&p=7488783#post7488783

P.S. No poll allowed, only discuss in that thread pls.